Review of Waitrose Peppermint Infusion Tea

One of my favourite caffeine free teas has to be peppermint. I drink it most days as way to reduce my caffeine intake. So when I recently popped into Waitrose I found myself in the tea aisle and I seemed to be drawn to their peppermint infusion tea. So I thought that I would give it a try.
Onto the ingredients list I personally found this to be a tad annoying and disappointing. There are no ingredients listed. It is just described as a pure peppermint infusion. I am guessing that it means that it only contains peppermint. I therefore checked the Ocado website which I shouldn’t have to do. Peppermint is listed under the ingredients list. There were no allergens highlighted and there is no may contain warning.
On the packet I was greeted by a sealed foiled packaging. I personally like this as it keeps the tea nice and fresh. On opening the foil packaging the teabags emitted what I can only describe as a very strong but very pleasant peppermint aroma. It was a lot stronger than I had anticipated compared to other supermarket own brand teas. This didn’t intensify on my close up sniff test and but did seem weaken on smelling an individual teabag. I placed my teabag into my teacup and added the freshly boiled hot water. The water soon changed to the light brown / greenish colour. It took a couple of minutes for the teas aroma to develop but once it had it was it had it was very pleasant and continued to strengthen and became fairly strong.
On sipping the tea, it was definitely one of the stronger peppermint teas that I have tried. The peppermint flavour was nearly as strong as the aroma. It was very pleasant and when comparing its taste to other peppermint teas that I have tried it was certainly one of the strongest and nicest that I have tried. I found the tea to be very refreshing and I got that warm comforting sensation in my tummy as I sipped on it.
Would I recommend this peppermint tea? Gosh definitely. It is one of the nicest everyday peppermint teas that I have tried. It has a strong but very pleasant peppermint aroma and flavour. I personally prefer this. If you prefer a weaker peppermint tea just infuse the teabag for a minute. I will be buying these teabags again. So thank you Waitrose for producing a nice peppermint tea that I can enjoy.

19 thoughts on “Review of Waitrose Peppermint Infusion Tea

  1. Ooooo this sounds so tasty I always have a peppermint tea in the afternoon around lunch time to keep me up and going for the rest of the day it always helps 💖

  2. We are peppermint tea drinkers here Chloe!! It’s a favorite before bedtime, sitting in front of the t.v. kind of drink. –and I remember on a trip to Morocco when we were served tall glasses of mint leaves and hot water for after dinner tea. I have mint in the yard– wonder if I should try it! Sad to say we have no Waitress here. Hope you’re staying warm with hot mugs of tea this winter time! xox

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my latest tea review. You can’t beat a nice cup of tea in the evening. I have it most days. Fresh mint and hot water is lovely I enjoy it in the summer it’s very refreshing. You only need a little mint as it can be quiet strong. I am staying warm thank you in front of a fire with a nice cup of tea, Chloe.

  3. I just tried a green mint tea for the first time a couple months ago and I love it! I really didn’t think I would like to drink anything mint-y, but it was actually really nice & a fun change to my usual green tea. Love your tea reviews :))

  4. Oooh, I forgot all about peppermint tea! I’m trying to dial back my caffeine intake. This sounds absolutely delicious, and makes me wish we had a Waitrose in the US!!


  5. Oooooh I’m swooning this looks so lovely! I too don’t drink much caffienated tea so this looks great plus it will really aid my tummy when it decides to play up!

    Thanks for sharing ❤ xx

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