Review of co-op Turkey & Stuffing Christmas Tree Tortillas

I popped into my local co-op yesterday to pick up a few essentials to tide us over until the New Year. Whilst picking up my essentials I noticed a stand of festive tortilla chips. I had a quick glance as so often flavoured tortillas are not an option with my dairy free diet. I saw suitable for vegans so grabbed a packet and popped it into my shopping basket. I have to admit to being a tad excited Christmas may be over but I could try these festive savoury treats.
Onto the packaging I liked the purple colour scheme subtle Christmas decorations and the small bright star to the centre of the front of the packet. Onto the ingredients list no allergens are highlighted ingredients and there is no may contain warning. Oh they are also labelled as being suitable for a vegan diet.
On opening the tortillas I noted a faint aroma which I would describe as Paxo style stuffing that I associate with Christmas. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. The tortillas are Christmas tree shaped and had an even distribution of flavouring noted on them. On biting into the tortilla there was a nice crunch noted. The texture is what I would describe as a regular tortilla chip. This was slightly different to what I expected as they do not contain any wheat and this can often result in a tortilla having a slightly different texture. Onto the flavour to be fair I wasn’t sure what to expect when I purchased these tortillas but after opening the packet I expected them to taste like stuffing. I could definitely taste the stuffing element to these tortillas. It was spot on the flavouring was subtle and not to strong or artificial tasting. I didn’t experience any flavours relating to turkey. This didn’t matter at all. The flavour of these tortillas exceeded my expectations. Onto another positive note the tortillas didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers. This is personally a big bonus for me.
So would I recommend these tortillas? Yes I would. The flavour was spot on. They were not greasy, had a good crunch and didn’t leave a powdery residual on my fingers. Most of all it was great to have a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can enjoy. I know they are marketed as being a Christmas snack, but they have a good best before date and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It’s just a shame that they are a seasonal treat. So if you follow a dairy free or a vegan diet why not give these tortillas a try. So thank you co-op for producing a flavoured packet of tortillas that I can have.


  1. Corinne & Kirsty
    December 29, 2016 / 5:14 pm

    I loooovre tortillas! They are so good. I eat one and I eat the entire bag ahah I can never stop! And those ones are so cute with their Christmas tree shape! Will go shopping at co-op now ahah xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

    • December 29, 2016 / 5:46 pm

      Hi, they are indeed cute and it was difficult not to eat too many. I hope you find some to try, Chloe.

  2. December 29, 2016 / 5:19 pm

    These sound so good! I love any sort of tortillas but especially Christmas ones, will definitely have to try and get some of these while they still have them in x

    Tiffany x

    • December 29, 2016 / 5:45 pm

      Hi Tiffany, thanks for taking the time to read my post. I hope you find some to try before they are discontinued, Chloe.

  3. December 29, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    Interesting post ! Didn’t know those existed!

    • December 29, 2016 / 5:44 pm

      Thank you. They are certainly worth a try if you find any, Chloe.

    • December 29, 2016 / 5:44 pm

      I know I just wish that I had discovered them earlier, Chloe.

  4. December 29, 2016 / 5:59 pm

    These look amazing! I’ve never heard of stuffing flavored tortilla chips, but now I’m dying for a bag!! Who even needs the turkey flavor when you’ve got stuffing?


    • December 29, 2016 / 6:23 pm

      Hi, Emily exactly who needs the turkey. Sorry if I’ve given you the munchies now, Chloe.

  5. December 29, 2016 / 6:08 pm

    Nice advice 🙂 may have to try!

    • December 29, 2016 / 6:22 pm

      Hi, if you can find some they make a nice naughty treat.

  6. Tanya
    December 29, 2016 / 6:18 pm

    Whoa! They exist. THANK YOU for posting about it.

    • December 29, 2016 / 6:22 pm

      Hi, they sure do and they are very nice ?.

  7. December 29, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    I’m a huge tortilla fan, I can eat like 2 bags in one sitting (no shame aha!) These looks so cool and so different. Also love this review its so different! x

    • December 29, 2016 / 7:56 pm

      Hi Em thanks for taking the time to read my latest food review. I’m proud to say that I didn’t eat the whole bag. I shared it but only lasted 2 days, Chloe.

  8. morespoons
    December 30, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    Love this because I love food!! ? Those tortillas are so cute !

    • December 30, 2016 / 2:58 pm

      I know they sure and delicious as well. I wished I had grabbed a few more packets.

  9. January 3, 2017 / 7:29 am

    such fun looking shapes. it would be nice to try this turkey & stuffing flavored chips.

    • January 3, 2017 / 6:14 pm

      Hi, they Sure are fun shapes. I just wished that they did something similar to enjoy the rest of the year.

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