Happy International Tea Day

I’m a lady who loves her cups of tea, so much so that I decided to add tea reviews to my blog. I now do a new tea review every Tuesday. Over the last year I have been lucky to sample a variety of new teas some of which I have loved and others not so.
Earl grey is one of my favourite teas. I personally find it works well milk free so it’s perfect for dairy free me. My most surprising find this year being Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Fair Trade earl grey tea. I loved everything about this tea. A great value every day tea which I regularly buy for work.
One of my favourite tea discoveries this year was Hope & Glory peppermint tea. The aroma and flavour of this mint tea is truly special. I loved the fact that it had a calming and soothing effect on the tummy whilst being refreshing at the same time.
A surprise discovery was Asda’s strawberry and forest fruit tea. A great value tea that has a great aroma and flavour which seemed to change as the tea infused. A real comfort tea for me.
My most disappointing tea discovery came from Twinings. Yes they may well be a well know brand but sadly they just don’t seem to deliver when it comes to the fruit teas. Their strawberry and raspberry tea simply lacked any real aroma or flavour. I ended up doubling the teabags to get a reasonable cup of tea. A real disappointment as it just didn’t match the quality of other Twinings teas.
I hope you like my tea reviews and I would welcome any recommendations for new teas to try. Right now I think it’s time for me to grab a cup of tea and take advantage of International Tea Day. What tea are you enjoying today? I would love to hear from you C.

41 thoughts on “Happy International Tea Day

  1. Ahh- this got me so excited! I am also a tea person myself, and don’t think I could go a day without having a brew, haha. I also work in a tearoom, so I suppose that that’s fitting for me! I’ve never tried earl grey though, I will have to give it a try! Great post lovely. X

  2. It’s crazy how I never know about any of these days!😩😩 this is super cool though. I’m a “tea” lover now , I got the cup and everything lol. This post was great and I need to try some of the tea you’ve mentioned!

  3. *Thinks* … On International Tea day, I had Alishan High Mountain GABA Roasted Oolong, Spring 2015 harvest (bit of a mouthful, I know). I love Taiwan high mountain Oolongs in Winter – buttery and warming and utterly delicious.

    Hope you had a lovely tea-filled day 🙂

    • Hi Jane thank you for taking the time to read my post. This tea sounds delightful. I have to confess to having several Christmas teas today. I hope you enjoy your teas as well today, Chloe.

  4. belated happy international tea day to you too. i didn’t post anything here but i posted a photo on instagram to honor the day. i really should post something that is tea related soon, here on wordpress.

  5. Loved this read…I am definitely taking notes since I too am a tea lover. Can’t wait to read more of your tea reviews to see if we have a similar taste palette. If you need any ideas on new teas feel free to check out my reviews as well since you seem like a #teaaddict just like ME 🙂

    Thanks for sharing and Happy brewing!!


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