Flying Business class with British Airways and being dairy free

I was very lucky to fly business class with British Airways to start our American adventure. Now, I am lucky in that I have flown long haul on several occasions previously. Each time I dread the meal times as more often than not I can’t eat the food. It is not uncommon for me to be given gluten free instead of dairy free or contains milk. As a result I always assume that I can’t eat the food and take a large supply of goodies with me to eat on the plane. I checked the menu for a flight and none of the choices available were suitable as they all contained milk. I was a tad disappointed as I had secretly hoped that I wouldn’t have to order a special meal. So I pre ordered my meal not knowing what I would get. I made sure that I made the most if the business lounge having a large breakfast so that I wouldn’t be hungry on the flight. It didn’t take long for the meals to be served. Normally mine always comes before everyone else’s, not on this flight. It came at the same time. I didn’t expect much. I asked what it was and checked that it was indeed dairy free. It was and to my disappointment the crew didn’t know. The first course came which I assumed was my main meal, but no there was more to come. I greeted by chicken on a green purée with a side salad. It turned out to be a cold chicken breast on avocado. The texture from the chicken breast went well with the smoothness from the avocado. The salad was fresh and crispy, the oil dressing added the little extra. I was struggling and this was only the starter.
Onto the main course. I think this was cod, although I could have been wrong. This was accompanied by picked vegetables which I think we’re carrots and fennel, a tomato and a green mash. I have no idea what the mash was. I really enjoyed the pickled vegetables as this mad a nice change. The fish was ok. It’s flavour was pretty non descript and it was slightly dry in textures as if it had been overdone. I’m afraid I didn’t like the green mash, what ever it was. It was smooth with intermittent lumps and I don’t think we’re meant to be there. I much preferred my starter and I’m afraid it just didn’t seem to compare to everyone else’s main meal.
Onto to dessert I had high hopes for this. Please don’t let it be fruit. I always get fruit and this is not a pudding. I got a jelly with a few berries scattered in it. I had hoped for more but hey ho. The jelly was light and refreshing but l just couldn’t work out its flavour sadly. We then got our post meal tea or coffee. This was a bog standard stewed black tea for me. Where was the Twinings tea that I had read about? A real disappointment.
The time soon arrived for afternoon tea. Everyone had finger sandwiches and scones with jam and cream. What would mine be? A pre packed tuna and mayonnaise roll with fruit kebabs. I know it’s not easy catering for food allergies / intolerances but it just didn’t compare. It’s not hard to source free from cakes instead of fruit. My roll was ok, it was dry with a reasonable filling and crumbled as I ate it. My fruit kebabs were nice but not the same a proper cake / scone. As for the tea I politely declined the bog standard tea and asked for mint which is what I got.
In summary it is the best food that I have been offered on a plane. What I would suggest is that crew should know what the food is, so that you can enjoy the experience like everyone else. I personally like to know what I am going to eat. I would also like a proper dessert to enjoy not fruit or jelly. The Twinings tea on request is great for a tea addict like me. It should be openly offered like the alcoholic beverages you shouldn’t have to ask for it.

18 thoughts on “Flying Business class with British Airways and being dairy free

    • Hi Aimee,
      Thank you for your kind comments and taking the time to read my review. I never looking forward to long haul flights with regards to eating. My tip is take a good amount of food to eat with lots of treats and have a good meal before you fly even if it’s early. This way I feel that I’ve had my main meal of the day, Chloe.

  1. On my recent trip to Hawaii I looked over the special meals offered by Delta and declined. Having combination food intolerances made my shy away from trusting the airline. I brought my own food and managed to get by. I give you credit for trying the airline food!

    • Hi, I just had to try it as I normally travel premium economy and it was all part of the experience. I’m glad that I did. I don’t blame you taking your own food it’s difficult to just avoid mine, let alone several. Thanks for reading my review and taking the time to comment, much appreciated, Chloe.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my review. It was good for plane food but could have been better. It’s always best to take your own to be safe. I’ve never been offered candy, Chloe.

  2. I am so glad I found you! You reviews are very helpful, and I can truly relate to your experience with flight food. Imagine being dairy free AND kosher, and ordering food for a flight! Thank you, Chloe, for sharing!

  3. having experienced flights numerous times, both economy and business classes, i do think it always helps when one flies a class higher than the economy. one gets to have more choices. my recommendation is, if it is at all possible, the next time try an asian airline or a middle eastern airline. they tend to be able to serve better choices on non-dairy selections, as their cuisines tend to be dairy free in general.

  4. That looks like such a good treat! Also must be so nice to have good food on request 🙂 I agree though that tea should be offered just as much as alcohol! xx

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