Review of Teapigs apple & cinnamon tea

My mission to reduce my caffeine intake continues to prove successful. I am still discovering lots of caffeine free teas, fruit and or herbal infusions. So I was a little excited when I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of the Teapigs apple & cinnamon tea. I couldn’t wait to dive in and give them a try as it seemed like the perfect autumnal tea.
As it was a sample there were no ingredients listed on the packaging. So I went straight onto the Teapigs website to check that they were safe for me to try. The tea primarily contains apple (38%), cinnamon (25%) alongside apple pomace (20%), roasted chicory root, citric acid, sweet blackberry leaves, and natural flavourings. There are no allergens highlighted in the ingredients list. It is highlighted that they are made in a factory that handles nuts. They are labelled as being both dairy and gluten free and suitable for vegans.
On opening the packaging I was greeted by the sweet aroma of both apple and cinnamon. The intensity of this didn’t intensify on the close up sniff test. It reminded me of a nice apple crumble. I was really looking forward to giving this tea a try. I just hoped that the lovely aroma remained the same or intensified on infusing with the hot water. I have tried and reviewed several teas when the aroma and flavour seem to diminish once the tea is added to the hot water. Fingers crossed this wouldn’t be the case.
I placed the tea in my cup and let it infuse with the hot water for 5 minutes as instructed. The water soon changed to a light orange / brown colour. The aroma from the tea seemed to weaken as it infused with the water. It was only on my close sniff up test that I could smell a hint of apple and cinnamon. On sipping the tea the flavour was weaker than I had hoped. I could taste the subtle flavours of both the apples and cinnamon, but these were weaker than I had hoped. I was anticipating a refreshing yet comforting tea, but sadly this wasn’t the case. It was a light refreshing beverage that had a hint of apple and cinnamon. Completely different to the warm comforting autumnal tea that I had hoped for in both aroma and flavour.

So would I recommend this tea. If you want a light refreshing tea with just a hint of apple and cinnamon than this could be for you. If however, you want a tea that reminds you of an apple crumble then I think you may be a tad disappointed. I’m sorry Teapigs but this tea just wasn’t for me.

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product. All of the opinions in this review are honest and my own.

12 thoughts on “Review of Teapigs apple & cinnamon tea

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my latest review and thank you for you kind comments. I will try and find some other autumnal themed tease and perhaps make an apple crumble instead 😊.

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