Review of Burts Guinness Rich Beef Chilli Chips

I have to confess to having the late night munchies at a night out recently at the gym. I asked if I could have a packet of crisps. The staff are aware of my milk allergy and grabbed what crisps they had to check which ones were dairy free. I know how fantastic is that. Anyhow, they discovered that the Burts Guinness rich beef chilli crisps were both dairy and gluten free. I have to admit to being a tad excited as I was only expecting to be able to have the plain crisps.
Onto the packaging well I would have been drawn to it. I liked the pictures of the crisps to the front with the flavour rich beef chilli written in red. On the ingredients list barley is highlighted in the ingredients list and there is no my contain warning. They are labelled as being gluten free.
On opening the crisps I noted a faint aroma which I would describe as being similar to that of Marmite. This didn’t change on my close up sniff test. Sadly, no hint of chilli noted. I wasn’t put of just excited to have some flavoured crisps. The crisps had an even distribution of flavouring noted on them. On biting into the crisps there was a nice crunch noted. Onto the flavour to be fair I would struggle to describe the it as being a beef chilli. In fact I was a little disappointed. There was a hint of what I would describe as being similar to that of Marmite. This was followed by a very faint chilli kick that only appeared after consuming several crisps. Perhaps I am being a tad unfair as I was I had high expectations because I was having a flavoured packet of crisps. It was pleasant but just not as strong as I had hoped. Onto a positive note the crisps had a nice crunch and didn’t leave any greasy or powdery residual on my fingers. This is personally a big bonus for me.
So would I recommend these crisps ? Yes I would. The flavour wasn’t as strong as I had hoped but it was pleasant. They were not greasy, had a good crunch and didn’t leave a powdery residual on my fingers. Most of all it was great to have a flavoured packet of crisps that I can enjoy. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet why not give these crisps a try. So thank you Burts for producing a flavoured packet of crisps that I can have.


  1. November 4, 2016 / 5:44 am

    an interesting flavor for chips. even if it tastes more like marmite.

    • November 4, 2016 / 9:23 am

      To be fair it’s just great to have a packet of flavoured crisps.

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