Review of Genius gluten free double chocolate muffins

Now I am more of a savoury person but I do enjoy the occasional sweet treat. So when I recently discovered that Genius had a new range of muffins I just had to give them a try. They were obviously proving to be very popular as the only flavour available was double chocolate. So I popped a packet into my shopping basket to try.
The muffins come in see through packaging allowing you to see the tempting muffins inside. Onto the ingredients list they are clearly labelled as being gluten free and milk free so therefore suitable for dairy free me. Egg and soya are highlighted in the ingredients list. There is no may contain warning.
On opening the packaging I was pleasantly surprised. The muffins were larger than I expected and were wrapped inside a fancy cake wrapper. I tentatively peeled this down to reveal the chocolate muffin inside. On doing this there was a faint aroma of chocolate noted. This did not change on my close up sniff test.
On biting into the muffin their texture was slightly different to what I expected. I had hoped for a light soft slightly airy muffin like their cup cakes. Which by the way I love. What I experienced was completely different. It was similar in texture to other free from muffins that I have tried. On biting into the muffin it was slightly dry and crumbly in texture with a hint of crunchiness from the chocolate intermingled in the muffin. What I did notice was that it crumbled less than other muffins that I have tried. This was a bonus as I often lose bits of my muffin as a result. The muffin had a subtle but pleasant chocolatey taste this intensified when I got some of the pieces of the chocolate drops. The flavour overall was well balanced and gave me the right chocolate fix. Overall, I found this muffin to be a nice sweet treat that due to its sized filled me up for several hours.
So would I recommend this muffin, yes I would. I think I may have been a tad unfair expecting it to be like their cupcakes. They had a nice flavour, and their texture was typical of that of free from muffins. Their large size makes a great filling treat for at home or when out and about. In fact I have since stocked up and have got 4 packets to take with me as my emergency food on my holiday. So if you follow a dairy free and or gluten free diet why not give these muffins a try as a treat.

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