Review of Asda Lemon and Ginger Tea

As a lady who enjoys her cups of tea on a daily basis I am always on the lookout for new teas to try. I am really enjoying my quest to find new caffeine free teas to try. One of my favourite flavours has to be lemon and ginger. So when someone at work decided to bring a box of Asda’s new lemon and ginger tea into work I asked if I could try it. Of course the answer was yes.
I loved the design of the packaging with this tea. It was bright and vibrant with pictures of lemons and ginger outside the bright orange box with the tea’s description inside. The tea is described as being zingy and warming. This had won me over. It may be the summer but I love a nice comforting tea.
Onto the ingredients this surprised me a little if I am honest. I know that it is a less expensive tea but didn’t expect there to be so many ingredients in addition to the lemon and ginger. That said there were no allergens highlighted or any may contain warnings listed. On opening the box the teabags were in a sealed foil packaging. This is always a positive trying to keep the tea fresh and seal the both flavour and aroma in. On opening the foil packaging I was immediately hit with the aroma of ginger. That said this wasn’t too strong. I was unable to really smell the citrus element to this tea. On my close up sniff test this aroma didn’t intensify and remained the same.
I placed the teabag in my cup and added my freshly boiled hot water. The hot water soon changed to a pale yellow colour. I left the tea to infuse with the hot water as instructed for between 3-5 minutes. I left mine to infuse for 5 minutes as I personally like this type of tea strong. What was interesting with this tea was its aroma. Initially I could predominantly smell the ginger with a subtle undertone of lemon or I would prefer to describe it as citrus. However, as the tea continued to infuse this changed to a predominantly citrus aroma. On sipping the tea its flavour matched its aroma. I was personally surprised by this. Despite ginger being the predominant ingredient it tasted more citrusy. My taste buds initially seemed to get hit by lemon followed a subtle hint of warming ginger. This was the first lemon and ginger tea that I have tried where the lemon has been the dominant flavour to the tea. This made a pleasant change as sometimes I find the ginger to be a little too strong and overpowering. I enjoyed this tea it was refreshing yet soothing on my stomach at the same time.
So would I recommend this tea definitely. It was nice to have a lemon and ginger tea whereby the citrus element was the predominant flavour. This made for a refreshing tea. I shall be buying this tea when I next visit an Asda. So thank you Asda for producing an enjoyable everyday value lemon and ginger tea.

8 thoughts on “Review of Asda Lemon and Ginger Tea

  1. Lemon Ginger is my very favorite tea. I will definitely have to try this one! My personal favorite ( besides homemade) is Bigelow’s Lemon Ginger plus Probiotics. It has a very citrus-y taste and it smells fantastic. Also, you can probably find it at the local grocery store. Thanks for the review!

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