A dairy free barbecue just for me

I love to be out in the fresh air. Eating outside in the summer is a must, so of course are barbecues. I have been lucky enough to be invited to a couple of barbecues this year. I love catching up with friends and family but don’t enjoy the dreaded food element. Anyone with a food allergy or intolerance will no doubt understand. Friends and family often try to be very helpful and accommodate your dietary needs but it can be a little hit and miss. I always take my own pack of goodies with me to enjoy not to be rude but to be safe. So when some old friends invited us to stay for the weekend and have a barbecue we just had to say yes. I bought some emergency food supplies to take with me for the weekend. My other half told me not to worry I would be catered for. What I didn’t expect was that most of my food would be coming home with me.
Our hosts Stuart and Heather came up trumps big time. I was well and truly spoilt. They had carefully checked all of the ingredients of the food for the barbecue. It was all completely dairy free everybody had the same as me. I felt humbled that they had gone to so much trouble for me. I tried everything on the barbecue now that never normally happens. I even ate two naughty burgers in a bun because I could and they were delicious.
So a massive thank you to Stuart and Heather for a wonderful weekend and spoiling me rotten.

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