Review of Valsoia Cream

This summer I have had the opportunity to try a couple of new dairy free creams, all of which I have enjoyed. So when I stumbled across a new vegan cream from Valsoia on Ocado I just had to give it a try. It is a soya cream that is marketed as being like whipping cream and is made in Italy.
I liked the simplicity of the packaging with a picture of whipped cream with a strawberry balance on top. It certainly looked very appealing, I just hoped that the cream would end up looking like something in the picture. Although the cream is made in Italy and imported I found the labelling to be user friendly as an English label was placed on top of the original packaging. On the ingredients list soya was in bold as an allergen and there was no may contain warning. It is labelled as being both dairy and gluten free diet.
Although it is a UHT cream I placed it the fridge as recommended so that I could try it chilled with my strawberries. On opening the carton I was expecting a slight creamy aroma what I experienced was an aroma similar to that of dairy free vanilla ice cream. On pouring the cream into the bowl it had a much thicker consistency compared to other creams that I previously tried. At this point I have to confess to being very excited and poured it into little peaks in my bowl. Oh I forgot about the colour, this was a medium cream in colour. On tasting the cream it was completely different to other creams that I have tried. It tasted just like it’s aroma like a dairy free vanilla ice cream, it was rich and very delicious. In fact I struggled to eat the quantity I had put in my bowl. I also tried it was both strawberries and raspberries it was truly delicious.
So would I recommend this Valoisa cream, yes definitely. I have found a whipping cream that I can have and enjoy. Next time I will use it sparingly as it is quiet rich. My only complaint is that its consistency didn’t maintain on the day after opening the carton. Yes it still had a whipped consistency but this was no where near as impressive. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet then why not give this cream a try. So thank you Valosia for producing a nice dairy free cream that I can enjoy.

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