Review of Tesco’s Darjeeling Tea

Earl grey is one of my favourite teas I find it to be a light and refreshing tea that works really well milk free. So it’s perfect for dairy free me. That said I am always on the look out for new varieties of tea to try. Whilst shopping in Tesco recently I spotted that they sold Darjeeling teabags in their Finest range. It was marketed as a delicate tea with a mild strength rating of 1. This seemed to be the perfect tea to try milk free so I just had to give this tea a try.
I really liked the design of the packaging and was drawn to the description of the tea being uniquely flavoured with hints of muscatel. I loved the instructions on how to make the tea, always warm the teapot first with boiling water. Everyone who makes me a cup of tea always knows that I must have my cup or mug warmed with hot water first. This tea seemed to be made just for me.
On opening the box there was a sealed foil package with the wording Darjeeling. On opening the foil I was greeted by an aroma of a subtle faint aroma of an everyday black tea. I was expecting an aroma from the muscatel so I was a tad disappointed by this. That said I hoped that the weaker aroma would lead to a weaker tea. I placed the teabag in my favourite tea cup and added the freshly boiled water. The teabag immediately infused with the water to produce a light brown colour. I left the teabag infuse with the hot water for the 4-5 minutes as instructed. Interestingly the aroma of the tea didn’t seem to intensify and remained pretty much the same as it did on removing it from the foil packet. As for the taste I’m afraid that it tasted like a weaker version of an everyday black tea. I was unable to taste the hints of muscatel.
So would I recommend this Darjeeling tea. If I am honest probably not. It’s flavour and aroma don’t quiet match up to its description of having being uniquely flavoured with muscatel. It was however a light and refreshing tea. It might therefore be suited to those who like a weak everyday black tea. Sorry Tesco’s but this Darjeeling tea just wasn’t really to my liking.

22 thoughts on “Review of Tesco’s Darjeeling Tea

  1. I agree that the packaging is so eye catching! I would have purchased it just for that right away lol. Sorry to hear that the tea wasn’t as lovely. Darjeeling is a personal favourite of mine.

      • A company called Two Leaves and a Bud ( makes a wonderful Darjeeling pyramid infuser filled with loose leaf tea. It’s glorious! They ship around the world.

        Another suggestion would be to try the well established tea companies in your neck of the woods. Whittards of Chelsea, Fortnum and Mason and Twinings all have excellent selections and lots of variety of Darjeelings (i.e. First Flush [first picking] and different farms in Darjeeling).

      • Thank you so much for your help. I shall Google Two a Leaves and a Bud as this sounds perfect. I shall also try Fortnum and Mason. Thanks again, Chloe.

  2. most darjeeling teas that come in tea bags are disappointing. i have yet found one to be as good as the darjeeling tea that comes as loose-leaf variety. if you haven’t tried one, go and do it. buy the best one you can afford and compare it to all of your past tries of darjeeling tea bags.

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