Review of Alpro Coconut Cream

With Wimbledon in full swing I am continuing to use it as the perfect excuse to try some new dairy
free creams. Alpro kindly sent me a box of their goodies to try one of which was their new coconut cream. So I decided to save it and try it with some strawberries.
I liked the simplicity of the packaging with a picture of a coconut oozing it’s milk amongst a simple tropical theme. It is clearly labelled as being both dairy and gluten free diet and suitable for a vegan diet.
Although it is a UHT cream I placed it the fridge so that I could try it chilled with my strawberries. On opening the carton I wasn’t expecting much of an aroma because the previous creams that I have tried have all had a non descript aroma. I was pleasantly surprised I was hit by an immediate aroma of what I would describe as desiccated coconut. This intensified on my close up sniff taste. I have to admit to being a little concerned as it seemed to be an artificially sweet aroma. On pouring the cream into the bowl it had the consistency like a single cream. It was white in colour and looked like a regular single cream. On placing a little of the cream on my spoon it remained in place. On initially tasting the cream it tasted of sweet dedicated coconut. This was a little too sweet if I’m honest. This didn’t matter because after a couple of small mouthfuls this disappeared and was just a subtle faint flavour. I really liked this as it was completely different to the other creams that I’ve tried which have been pretty neutral taste with a faint nutty undertone to them. I personally liked both the taste and texture of this cream. I liked the initial sweetness that soon disappeared to a subtle flavour. It worked well chilled as part of a dessert. I shall certainly be buying some more to try as part of a warm savoury dish.
So would I recommend this coconut cream, yes definitely. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free or a vegan diet then why not give this coconut cream a try. So thank you Alpro for producing a nice dairy free cream that I can enjoy.

Disclaimer: Alpro sent me a free sample of this product to try. All the opinions in this post are honest and are my own.

25 thoughts on “Review of Alpro Coconut Cream

  1. I’ve been eyeing this up in my local supermarket of late but was worried it would just be *too* sweet. Excited to see what you do with it in a savoury dish 😊

    • Hi Rachael, thanks for taking the time to read my review. If you decide to get some hopefully you won’t find it too sweet. I’m thinking I may make a small Thai curry as its quick easy and delicious.

  2. I love the Alpro coconut yoghurt, have you tried that yet? Its soon good with pineapple (like Pina colada!!) but goes well with berries too. Eating cream like you do is something I’ve never seen before! I only eat it whipped ☺

    • Hi, no I’ve not tried the yogurt yet. I tend to have their small soya pots for lunch. I am slowly working my way through a variety of coconut yogurts so I shall give it a try. I love a plain yogurt with fresh berries, just delicious. I’m on a mission to find some whipped cream now to have with strawberries of course.

  3. Hello! Nice to discover a fellow foodie who is dairy free; I’ve been reducing my intake to help my tum.
    This is a really helpful review as I love Alpro but haven’t tried any of their creams. It’s going on my shopping list now…

    • Hi, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read my review. I am pleased that you have found it helpful I hope that you enjoy it. I have also reviewed some other creams that you may also wish to try, Chloe.

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