Review of Yogi Tea Classic Tea

I am continuing to make a real effort in reducing my caffeine intake. I now try to drink only fruit and herbal teas after lunch. I am finding this challenge to be fun as I am discovering lots of varieties of tea that I was not even aware of. Once such tea is Yogi Tea classic tea. I do like a Tazo black spiced tea as an occasional treat mainly in the winter as cinnamon aroma reminds me of Christmas. So I thought that this would be the perfect tea for me to try.
I loved the packaging if this tea. It’s deep red colour with a teacup to the centre which seemed to make me think it was inviting me on a journey. On the ingredients list no allergens were highlighted. Underneath this was a recommendation to drink the tea with milk or a milk substitute. I didn’t let this put me of. I’m sorry but there was no way I could put any milk even dairy free into my cup of tea.
The aroma that originated from this box of tea was something special. It emitted a strong cinnamon aroma despite the box ring sealed. In fact people I share the office with at work commented on the nice aroma and asked what it was coming from. This made me want to dive into this box of tea and give it a try. On opening the box the aroma of cinnamon intensified and was combined with a subtle undertone of cardamom. It was a warm comforting aroma one that you would like to smell snuggled up by a fire. Inside the box the teabags were individually sealed so perfect for taking away with you. I just hoped that this delightful aroma wouldn’t disappear on opening the teabag packet. It did weaken but it was still present.
On placing my teabag into my tea cup I added the hot water and let it infuse for the recommended 7 minutes. I really didn’t want to wait this long because I just wanted to try this tea. The water turned a medium brown colour as there’s infused with the water. There was a medium aroma of cinnamon with and undertone of cardamom noted. This did not intensify on my close up sniff test but what I noted was a subtle ginger aroma intermingled with the cinnamon and cardamom. On sipping this tea my taste buds were immediately hit by the cinnamon followed by the subtleness of the cardamom and ginger. As I continued to drink the tea it felt warm and soothing on my stomach. It had a similar effect to that of mint tea. I was also to top up my teacup to enjoy another cup, a bonus of not adding milk.
So would I recommend this tea, oh my goodness yes. I loved everything from the packaging, aroma, flavour and its soothing effect. It was definitely a warm comforting tea a perfect winter warmer.
It is like a hug in a cup. I shall be stocking up on these teas for the winter months to enjoy in the evening. So thank you Yogi for producing a delightful tea. I can’t wait to try some more of your teas. I just wish that they were more readily available in the UK.

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  1. July 9, 2016 / 7:02 pm

    What a nice gift to receive for your birthday, tea is always on my birthday list. I love reading the little tea labels they make me smile.

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