Review of KoKo Lemon & Coconut Yogurt

I enjoy a yogurt most days as part of my packed lunch or as an extra addition to fresh fruit. The choices of yogurts seems to be rapidly expanding, especially coconut based yogurts. You can now easily pick them up from your local supermarket. KoKo are one of the growing bands to produce their own brand of dairy free coconut yogurts. It took me a little while to get my hands on some as they always seemed to be out of stock. In the meantime I had read great reviews about these yogurts but put these aside so that I could construct my own personal review about these new coconut yogurts. They come in five flavours, including plain. I opted for lemon as I had yet been able to find a lemon yogurt that I can have.
I immediately fell for the packaging. The design transported me to an imaginary desert island very briefly. I know this may sound a tad silly but I’m just being honest. You get two yogurt pots per pack which are slightly larger than most yogurts that I have tried. The yogurt is clearly labelled as being dairy, gluten, nut and soya free. There are no allergens highlighted on the ingredients list oh and they are also suitable for a vegan diet.
On removing the cardboard packaging you get two yogurt pots sealed next to each other. The individual pot continues with the KoKo theme of that desert island. I liked the subtleness of the scattering of the lemons and the free flowing milk from the coconut. I just wanted to dive in and give it a try.
On opening the yogurt pot I have to admit to be being a tad surprised. I was greeted by a thick creamy looking yogurt. There was a nice coconut aroma with a subtle undertone of lemon noted. Onto the yogurt itself it was a pleasant a neutral cream / white colour with flecks of coconut intermingled in it. On placing my spoon into the yogurt it was the perfect creamy consistency for my personal taste. It didn’t run of my spoon like other yogurts I have tried, so this was real a bonus. On tasting the yogurt I found its flavour to be perfectly balanced. It was slightly sweet in flavour from the coconut with a subtle sourness noted from the lemon. I really liked its consistency and texture. It was slightly thinner and smoother compared to other coconut yogurt I have tried aka Co-Yo, but I preferred this. I’m going slightly of tangent now as it is also a more affordable choice. I tend to have Co-Yo as my weekend treat.

So would I recommend this yogurt oh my goodness yes. It exceeded my expectations and believe me this can be difficult. So if you follow a dairy free, gluten free, but free, soya free or vegan diet, I highly recommend that you give these yogurts a try. So thank you KoKo for producing a delicious coconut yogurt that I can enjoy. I look forward to trying your other flavours.


    • July 5, 2016 / 5:19 am

      I’m slowly making my way through the flavours ?.

  1. July 5, 2016 / 4:41 am

    It looks and sounds fabulous! I mean coconut and lemon, that can’t go wrong ?

    • July 5, 2016 / 5:21 am

      They are indeed a fab yogurt and I’m now slowly working my way through the flavours but this is my favourite so far.

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