Review of Marks & Spencer Bourbon Biscuits

ok, so I have a not so secret obsession with bourbon biscuits. They have always been my favourite biscuit of choice and my guilty pleasure in life. Earlier this year when we had a national biscuit shortage in the UK when the factory flooded I have to confess to panicking. I could not get any bourbon biscuits which were dairy free anywhere. The only comforting thought was that I knew that I was not alone and that they would be available again soon. I happened to pop into Marks & Spencer and found myself picking up their own brand of bourbon biscuits. I am not sure why I did this as they were previously not been suitable for me. To my surprise they were indeed dairy free, I can’t tell you how many times I checked this just to make sure. I couldn’t believe my luck and of course I had to buy these. I couldn’t wait to get home and try them with a nice cup of tea as I still hadn’t been able to get my Tesco’s or Waitrose bourbons.
Oh I have mentioned the packaging I liked its simplicity and the multitude of bourbon biscuits to the front just made me want to dunk one in a cup of tea. The allergens listed on the ingredients list are gluten and wheat. It also states that they are not suitable for nut and sesame allergy sufferers due to manufacturing methods. They are also labelled as being suitable for vegetarians.
On opening the packet the bourbons were neatly packed in and looked just like any other bourbon biscuits that I have tried, just a little lighter in colour. There was still a good portion of cream in between both biscuits I didn’t really note any aroma coming from the packet on my close up sniff test there was a subtle hint of cocoa. On biting into the biscuits there was a nice crunch noted but the biscuits were slightly grainy and hard in texture. This was followed by the smoothness from the cream in the middle of the two biscuits. The flavouring of these bourbon biscuits seemed to be slightly different. They appeared to be lacking in the traditional bourbon biscuit flavour that I remember enjoying.
So would I recommend these bourbon biscuits, yes I would. Although they were not as nice as I had hoped I would still buy these biscuits again. It is a long time since I have enjoyed a bourbon biscuits and I may have held my expectations to high. To be fair to Marks & Spencer I need to now buy and retry both Tesco’s and Waitrose’s bourbon biscuits to compare the three. So thank you Marks & Spencer for producing another dairy free bourbon biscuit that I can have. If you follow a dairy free diet or are a vegetarian why not give these a try to see what you think.

19 thoughts on “Review of Marks & Spencer Bourbon Biscuits

  1. We have M&S in Finland but the food section I only has teas, biscuits and sweets. Perhaps I will have a look next time for these cookies 🤗

    • Hi Amy, thank you for taking the time to read my biscuit review. Gosh I struggled with a couple of months not being able to have them when we had a national biscuit shortage. Only a few brands are dairy free. I can’t imagine not having them for a couple of years, Chloe.

  2. I tried to find out some dairy free biscuits for my daughtet and I bought a tesco bourbon biscuits .But I found the flavouring in ingredients that it is from dairy product !!!

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