Review of Tesco’s Free From Toffee & Vanilla Ice Cream Cones

I’m sure like many others who suffer from a food allergy or intolerance I have been excited by the new ice creams that are now becoming available. Tesco’s recently updated their free from range which included ice creams. So when I saw their new free from toffee & vanilla cones I just had to give them a try.
I liked the packaging of Tesco’s free from range. This particular packaging has a picture of two cornetto style ice creams. I couldn’t wait to get home and dive in. The ice creams are clearly labelled as being a free from product and as being milk, gluten, and wheat free. On the back of the box lupin, soya and hazelnuts are highlighted as allergens in the ingredients list. They are also labelled as being suitable for vegans.
On opening the box each cone has a lid clearly labelled as being gluten and dairy free, so well done Tesco’s no confusion there. On removing the lid as I call it and some of the foil packaging encasing the ice cream my eyes immediately lit up. It was like I had a cornetto in my hand. I was holding a waffle style cone filled with dairy free ice cream , a caramel sauce and a topping of caramel pieces. The toffee aroma of this ice cream and the chocolate edging to this ice cream cone just said go on enjoy me.
On biting into the ice cream the first thing I became aware was the creamy soft ice cream. This was intermingled with the sweet rich caramel sauce oh and the odd crunchy toffee pieces. The initial combination of flavours and textures were spot on. As I continued eating the ice cream these flavours and textures just continued. I got a little surprise as the caramel sauce continued towards the bottom of the cone and became slightly runny in texture, just wonderful. It didn’t end there. At the very bottom of the cone was a piece of thick chocolate, just delightful. Oh and I missed the cone itself this was fresh crunchy and reminded me slightly of Lotus biscuits.
So would I recommend these free from toffee & caramel ice cream cones, oh my goodness yes. I never thought I could enjoy an ice cream like this. They are spot on from the flavour through to the textures. So thank you Tesco’s for making this dairy free blogger very happy.

17 thoughts on “Review of Tesco’s Free From Toffee & Vanilla Ice Cream Cones

  1. I like these too, taste just like ice cream and the toffee is lovely but I don’t like the taste of the cone which is a shame as I’m not gluten free so probably could have had the nicer tasting cone with the dairy free ice cream! Nice post 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post, much appreciated. It’s a shame that you don’t like the cone. Have you tried their free from choc sticks yet ? If not I recommend these as well, Chloe.

      • No haven’t seen those either. I don’t really shop at Tescos except for the ice cream which our coop have stopped selling. They did Swedish Glacé for ages but now it’s just really expensive coconut ice cream. I’d love to try the Ben and Jerry’s though….might be a long wait.

      • Hi, co-op have just updated their free from range so hopefully one day they will do a dairy free ice cream. I’m not sure if you have a Sainsbury’s near by but they sell Swedish Glace and their new ice cream lollies are delicious. Sainsbury’s have also just launched a new free from ice cream equivalent as well. Also Morrisions have their own dairy free ice cream cones and lollies. I hope this helps, Chloe.

      • (Un)fortunately I’m in the Western Isles we just have coop and Tesco 😦 I like the ethics of coop and not Tesco but it’s frustrating when they don’t stock what we need…and in this heat wave we need icecream lol

      • You certainly do need ice cream in this weather. It must be frustrating not having the suitable choices. What a wonderful place to live.

    • Hi, there is now more dairy free ice creams available in the UK and Tesco’s have two varieties. It’s great to be able to go into a supermarket and be able to buy some, Chloe.

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