Review of PG Tips Smooth Green Jasmine Tea

Now most days I enjoy a nice cup of earl grey tea. I am a creature of habit. I seldom drink green tea. I am trying to be more adventurous and am slowly drinking more green teas. So when someone at work bought a box of PG Tips smooth green jasmine tea I just had to give it a try.
I loved the packaging it is the same as all of the other PG Tips tea that I have had. It has a picture of a cute monkey to the back and pictures of tea leaves and purple circles to represent the jasmine. Under the deliciously smooth there is a comment about being pampered so that certainly won me over. Onto the ingredients I was a tad disappointed by this, green tea with flavouring. Erm…. This could mean anything. I put this disappointment aside and went to dive into the box.
On opening the box there was a subtle fragrant undertone noted. I wouldn’t describe this as either green tea or jasmine, but it was pleasant. On adding the hot water to the tea pyramid the tea soon infused with the water. The water turned a light / orange colour. I left the tea pyramid as instructed for 2 minutes. I noticed a subtle jasmine aroma and didn’t to have to do my close up sniff test to enjoy this. On sipping the tea I was immediately hit by the jasmine flavour. It was stronger than I anticipated. It had a slightly bitter undertone to it. That said it was an alternative to the black teas that I normally enjoy.
So would I recommend this tea, no if I am brutally honest. If you wish to have a budget jasmine tea and are not worried by what the contents of the flavouring are then you could give this tea a try. I recommend is that you let the tea infuse with the hot water for around a minute. The jasmine flavouring is quiet strong and some may struggle with this. If I am honest I much preferred PG Tips camomile and mint tea and will be sticking these instead for my afternoon teas, sorry PG.

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