Review of Hope & Glory Peppermint Tea

One of my favourite teas has to be peppermint. I drink it most days in an effort to reduce my caffeine intake. So when I was lucky enough to win Hope & Glory’s tea Twitter competition I have to confess to being a tad excited. My tea arrived in a metal tea caddy which of course will be reused numerous times. Inside this I discovered sealed packets containing the peppermint tea leaves. Despite the tea leaves being in a sealed foil packaging there was still a subtle aroma of peppermint being emitted from inside the tea caddy. I had very high hopes for this tea judging by the aroma and couldn’t wait to make my cup of tea.
On opening the foil packaging the tea leaves emitted what I can only describe as a powerful but very pleasant aroma. It was a lot stronger than other mint tea leaves I have tried before and trust me I have tried a fair few. My instinct told me to just put a few tea leaves into my infuser as this was going to be strong. I placed my tea leaves inside the tea infuser and added the hot water. The tea leaves infused with the hot water almost instantly. The water soon changed to the light brown / greenish colour. What was also very noticeable was the room soon filled with the aroma from the tea. Now I’ve never experienced this before. On my closer sniff test it smelt like a stronger version of Vics menthol rub. I mean this in a very nice way but it is the only way to describe it. The menthol was very strong indeed. It worked wonders on my nasal passages which I viewed as an additional benefit.
On sipping the tea, it was definitely one of the strongest mint teas that I have tried. The menthol flavour was nearly as strong as the aroma. It was very pleasant and when comparing its taste to other mint tea leaves I have tried it was certainly the nicest. Because of the quality of these tea leaves I was able to re-steep the tea leaves several times and still experience a very pleasant cup of tea. What was unique with drinking this tea was the warmth as I sipped on it. It is hard to describe to this in a positive way that it certainly was. It felt like it was warming my throat due to its strength and this warmth continued all the way to my stomach. It was a warm comforting soothing feeling. It felt like it was settling my stomach so a big thumbs up there.
So would I recommend Hope & Glory’s peppermint tea, gosh definitely. It has to be one of the nicest quality mint teas that I have tried. It is certainly very strong on both its aroma and flavour. So if you are lucky enough to try it just add a few tea leaves initially so you can gauge its strength. I am so glad that I got to try this tea. So thank you Hope & Glory for my Twitter prize.

14 thoughts on “Review of Hope & Glory Peppermint Tea

    • Hi, yes it’s loose tea leaves. I often end up drinking peppermint tea cold and really enjoy it. If you like good quality strong peppermint tea leaves than this is certainly one to try, Chloe.

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