Review of nom original organic oat bar

Well my mission to find new mid morning snacks continues. Those of you that follow my blog and Twitter account know that I love cereal bars so when I saw that Nom did an organic bar that was dairy free and vegan I just had to give it a try. The fact that it had cacao nibs in it was just a bonus.
Onto the packaging of course I fell for it straight away its pink. I liked the nom logo with the bitten o. It is marketed as 100% organic and free from refined sugar. Oh and it mentions the word superfoods, erm…
Onto the ingredients list oats is highlighted as an allergen with a may contain warning for soy. It is clearly labelled as being dairy free and suitable for vegans. What did intrigue me was the 5 reasons to eat coconut oil. I will let you ponder on these comments. I can feel some googling occurring in the near future with regards to this.
On opening the packet I was surprised by what was inside. It was a cross between a flapjack and a health bar such as Nakd, Rude Health and Meridan snack bars that I’ve recently tried. I could see a few specs of cacao not as many as I had hoped for. On sniffing the bar it smelt very much like flapjack with a hint of coconut noted. On biting into the bar I was very surprised I expected its texture to be similar to that of flapjack but it wasn’t. It was slightly hard to bit into but then the oats crumble and slightly disintegrated in my mouth. Don’t get me I enjoyed the combination of these textures. Oh and when I had the additional hardness from the cacao creeping as well. Onto the flavour the coconut element definitely came through with a subtle hint of the oats noted. I couldn’t really taste the cacao perhaps because it was a little sparse. I did try especially on crunching on the cacao but nothing really. It certainly filled me up and kept me going until my dinner later in the evening.
So would I recommend this snack bar, yes I would. I liked the combination of textures and the coconut flavour. I would just have liked more cacao incorporated into it. I found the references to superfoods, and the 5 reasons to eat coconut oil a tad off-putting. I just want a healthy safe snack that I can enjoy I don’t want all of the extra wording. That said if you are dairy free like me or follow a vegan diet , why not give this bar a try. So thanks to nom for producing a snack bar I can add to my mid morning snack list.


  1. May 15, 2016 / 9:58 am

    Loved the review. Will give nom a try.Looks a healthy safe snack.

    • May 15, 2016 / 10:04 am

      Hi, thanks for your kind comments. I hope you can find some to try. They will certainly making it onto my mid morning snack list, Chloe.

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