Wot, No Dairy? Dessert

Now I am a girl who likes to enjoy a yogurt most days mainly as part of my lunch. There are certainly more yogurts which are readily available that are dairy free. One yogurt that I have been meaning to try for some time is Wot, No Dairy? It is not readily available in supermarkets but can often be found in health stores. I finally managed to pick up some whilst shopping in Holland and Barrett the other day. The Wot, No Dairy? Dessert / yogurt is UHT which a tad unusual for a yogurt. I opted for their raspberry flavour. The packaging is a simple white pot with a deep red section with a few raspberries cascading down.
The dessert / yogurt is clearly labelled as being a raspberry dessert. It is suitable for vegans and is dairy and soya free. No allergens are highlighted in the ingredients and there is a note stating refer to ingredients list for allergens.
On opening the pot there was a faint aroma noted which I would describe as slightly appley but not in a nice way. I tried not to let this not me put me of. The colour of this dessert / yogurt was and greyish purple. Not particularly appetising if I am honest. On placing the dessert onto my spoon the first thing I noted was its runnier consistency compared to other yogurts / desserts I have tried. There were small pieces of raspberries intermingled in this dessert. On taking some from the spoon it was not what I expected. I couldn’t really taste the raspberries more of a feint apple intermingled amongst what I guess is pea but I could be wrong. It didn’t taste like peas that I have had. I didn’t like the runny consistency it fell of my spoon back into the pot. To me the raspberries broke this up a little but they were scarce.
So would I recommend this dessert / yogurt no I wouldn’t. It just wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the aroma, it lacked any real texture or consistency and was far to runny for me. Maybe a few more raspberries may of helped with this, who knows. I won’t be buying this dessert / yogurt again, sorry VBites.

9 thoughts on “Wot, No Dairy? Dessert

  1. Nasty looking! I give you points for trying it! I really like Silk dairy free yogurt. It is made from soy milk but it’s pretty good.

  2. ew – that looks so nasty! there is a yummy vanilla coconut yoghurt available in Tescos – it’s very thick and sweet but sadly quite expensive for a single serving pot!

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Sadly, it tasted pretty similar to how it looked. I think I have tried most of the dairy free yogurts in Tesco. I think you are describing Co-Yo. They now have a couple of flavours do may be worth you trying if you liked the vanilla one, Chloe.

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