My latest vegan bread find

It is often difficult to dash into a shop and pick up a loaf of bread when you are dairy free like me. I have to spend time checking the labels to make sure that the bread is indeed milk free. I have recently discovered that the co-op clearly label their bread as suitable for vegans on the front of their packaging. This is very user-friendly and meant that I could easily see what bread is suitable for me and check the label for any may contain warnings as I personally avoid these. On my last visit to the co-op their own brand white farmhouse caught my attention because of the vegan label. I personally prefer to eat multi-seeded bread but my other half likes it so I got it as a treat.
I liked the simple packaging that the loaf came in. The clear labelling which I have already mentioned but the fact you can easily see the bread inside with a dusting of flour to the top. On checking the ingredients list the allergens highlighted were wheat and soya. It was therefore suitable for my dairy free diet.
On opening the packet there was a faint aroma of what I describe as a familiar smell you get with processed white bread. This was intermingled with the aroma coming from the dusting of flour. The slices of bread themselves were of a good size. They were slightly bouncy to touch and my finger didn’t sink into the bread which can often happen with white processed bread. I had the bread as part of a sandwich for my lunch and as toast with some Pure dairy free sunflower spread. The bread kept its consistency when made as part of sandwich and didn’t get soggy or gooey in texture even when left in a fridge for a couple of hours. It also toasted well with the flour topping remaining the same.
So would I recommend this bread if you follow a dairy free or vegan diet, yes I would. I was impressed by its texture and that it kept this even when I gave it a gentle prod and even when it was left for a few hours in the fridge as part of a sandwich. I am personally not a lover of white processed bread but I would definitely have this again as a treat if I am feeling kind to my other half. So thank you co-op for making bread that I can enjoy.

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