My mystery tea

A friend of mine kindly got me a lovely glass teapot with an integrated tea infuser as a gift. This came in a lovely presentation box with two mini foil packages underneath. One was marked English breakfast tea, the other earl grey. Now of course I was excited by my shiny new teapot but more so I have to confess about the mysterious teas that hid inside those mini foil packages.
Of course I just had to try the earl grey one first, as many of you will be aware it is one of my favourite teas. On opening the mini foil parcel I was immediately hit by a strong aroma of bergamot, it was certainly looking very promising. I placed a small amount into the tea infuser and added my freshly boiled water to my new teapot. The water immediately turned into a medium brown colour. It was even stronger than I anticipated.
I poured the tea into my favourite tea cup. It was indeed little darker and stronger than I was used to, but this didn’t matter as the aroma of the bergamot was a little special. It was one of the nicest earl grey teas that I have smelt and let me tell you I have smelt a few. On to the flavour itself I could definitely taste the bergamot and if I am honest the tea was a little too strong for my liking. It wouldn’t have benefited from a slice of lemon but perhaps some milk, eek that’s not for dairy free me. That was fine I simply added a little more freshly brewed hot water to the teapot. In fact I finished this and re-steeped the tea leaves for a couple more uses. I should have known better really the aroma was strong and was a good indication that I should have used less tea leafs.
I really enjoyed this mystery tea. I am going to have do some detective work to find out where my friend got my gift from and buy their earl grey tea.

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