Review of Toby Carvery vegan dessert

Despite being pleasantly full from lunch at the Toby Carvery I had a little break as I was determined to try the Toby’s vegan chocolate & cherry torte. It is highly unusual to be able to get a safe dessert that is dairy free when eating out, particularly in a large chain of restaurants. If you are lucky you may be offered a fruit salad or sorbet. I double checked with the waitress that it was safe for me to eat minus the cream or ice cream and it certainly was. It came out decorated with a little icing sugar. It certainly looked very rich and indulgent and I was glad that I would be sharing it.
Before diving in I was hit by a rich chocolatey aroma. On cutting into the torte it was very gooey in texture yet crumbled in places at the same time. On biting into the torte I got an immediate chocolate hit. It was certainly very rich and indulgent. This was followed by the sharpness from the cherries that were intermingled in the torte. The combination of flavours was spot on. I got the richness from the chocolate and sharpness from the cherries which gave the torte a nice even balance of flavours. As for the texture of this torte goodness me was it gooey it stuck to the roof of our mouths. We had to have it in small portions as it was hard going in a nice way. The scattering of the cherries did help with this. I have to say I really enjoyed this torte and found it to be a rich indulgent grown up sweet treat. So thank you Toby for having a dessert on your menu that is vegan and suitable for suitable for dairy free me. It makes a really nice sweet treat. In fact I could easily visit just to have this with a nice cup of tea.

12 thoughts on “Review of Toby Carvery vegan dessert

  1. When I go out to dinner half the time dessert is a no/no for me. Half the time the desserts all have milk in them. I can do dairy as long as it’s lactose free, but milk in restaurants isn’t lactose free.

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. It’s such a shame that desserts are often a no/no. I’ve just got used to it and have a starter and finish with a cup of tea instead. So this was a real treat, Chloe.

  2. There’s a Toby Calvary very near to where I live and I didn’t know about this!Desserts are definitely one of the biggest things I miss, but I’m discovering all these alternatives and ways to make delicious allergen friendly foods from scratch, I can’t wait to move out and be able to buy my own food! I’m glad I’ve discovered your blog!

    • Hi, I think you are certainly right. I never thought I could go to a chain of restaurants and have a dessert that wasn’t fruit or sorbet. Let’s hope it continues to improve, Chloe.

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