Review of Tesco’s Free From Garlic Dough Balls

Now I am bit partial to garlic bread and frequently make my own. It is often impossible to find ready made garlic bread which is dairy free. So when I heard via Twitter that Tesco’s had just launched garlic bread balls as part their new free from range I had to investigate further. To be honest I didn’t hold up much hope as free from generally means gluten free with other food allergens included if you are lucky. To my surprise it was indeed suitable for me.
I liked the packaging as it is the same style as the rest of the products in their new updated free from range. I liked the pictures of the inviting garlic dough balls on the front. I hoped that mine would look like this when cooked. The font of the packaging is clearly labelled as being egg, gluten, milk and wheat free. On the back it is labelled as being suitable for vegans.
On opening the packet I was immediately hit by the strong aroma of garlic. Now I like garlic but even I was surprised by its strength. What you get inside is a disposable tray with 9 garlic dough balls with a solid oil like substance underneath. I placed the foil tray in the oven and cooked the dough balls as instructed. Once cooked the aroma of the garlic seemed to intensify. The garlic dough balls themselves cooked nice and eveningly. Under the dough balls was what I can only describe as a greasy garlic oil with a few herbs thrown in for luck. If I am honest I found this to be a little off-putting.
On biting into the garlic dough ball itself it was crunchy on the outside and had a lighter slightly fluffy texture inside. If I am honest that was better than I expected. Onto the flavour itself it was definitely garlic in fact I found it a little overpowering. This masked any of the other flavours of the dough ball. Now I like garlic and use it a lot in cooking but I found this to be a little too much. I personally choose to leave the oil under the dough balls in the tray. It looked really greasy and not very appetising. I know this down to personal choice.
So would I recommend Tesco’s free from garlic dough balls. I am not really sure. I think that it is great that the free from market is expanding and that I and others have a new food choice available. There was just a little too much garlic and oil for my personal taste. I think I will be sticking to my own quick and easy homemade garlic bread, sorry Tesco’s.

15 thoughts on “Review of Tesco’s Free From Garlic Dough Balls

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. It’s great to have more free from choices available, but you’re right about processed element. Oh and you can’t beat homemade 😊.

  1. Hello Chloe 🙂 Great review but could you say how much they were? Not that I want to buy any (not with that long list of ingredients)! 😛 but just as a comparison! Just so you know – if you look for any supermarkets cheapest own brand garlic bread, likely is it is dairy free! My son is dairy intolerant and we’ve discovered that many cheaper versions (including many restaurant versions) are accidentally vegan! 🙂 and a whole lot cheaper I would imagine at less than 50p per baguette! 🙂

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