Review of co-op ready salted crisps

I requested my favourite Pom Bears ready salted crisps for our holidays. Sadly, they were out of stock and the alternative offered were not dairy free. So I had to pop along to the local co-op to see what alternatives were available. I wanted ready salted crisps as they are my favourite flavour. I immediately found co-op’s own branded multipack of ready salted crisps. It contained 6 small packets of crisps.
I liked the simple red packaging which clearly labelled what you were to expect inside. There were no allergens listed highlighted and were labelled as being suitable for vegans.
On opening the packet there was a faint aroma of salt and on inspecting a packet inside there was no obvious greasy residual or salt noted. On biting into the crisps there was a nice crunch noted. I could taste the salt but it was subtle and not overpowering like I have experienced with other ready salted crisps that I have tried. They also didn’t leave a greasy residual on my fingers.
I really enjoyed these crisps from the taste through to their texture. I have to admit to being pleasantly surprised. So would I recommend these to anyone who follows a dairy free and or vegan diet, yes defintley. So thank you co-op for producing a nice packet of ready salted crisps that I can enjoy. They will certainly be making into my lunchbox in the near future.

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