Review of Sainsbury’s free from blueberry muffins

I needed an emergency filling snack to help me through the working day. So I popped into a local Sainsbury’s and headed straight to the free from section. I wanted something sweet and looked at the vast array of products on offer. As usual a quick moan here most were gluten free but not dairy free so that quickly ruled at several options. I saw these muffins and thought they would be a nice filling treat to help me through the day. I have blueberries most weeks and love them as a fruit so this just made them even more appealing.
The muffins came in a plastic semi clear wrapping which was green and yellow the trademark colours for Sainsbury’s own free from range. The muffins looked very appealing you could see a nice scattering of blueberries and they weren’t to big. Being a free from product they were labelled as gluten free but also milk free. The only allergen highlighted in the ingredients list was eggs with a warning that they we’re not suitable to individuals with a nut allergy due to manufacturing methods.
I eagerly anticipated diving into the packet to enjoy a muffin with a nice cup of tea. On opening the packet I was greeted by a slightly sweet aroma which was pleasant but I wouldn’t describe as being blueberries. My first impression of the muffins was that they contained a good quantity of blueberries and they looked slightly gooey in a nice appealing way. On biting into the muffin the first thing that struck was how quickly it crumbled or disintegrated into pieces. I was glad I had it on a napkin otherwise I may have lost some. The top layer was slightly sticky / gooey but underneath was slightly dry in texture. That said the generous quantity of blueberries helped to counteract this. In continuing to bit into the muffin it seemed to crumble even more and the moistness from the top had disappeared. If I am honest these muffins reminded me of the old free from cakes you used to get when you were grateful to have one. Luckiy, with the rapid expansion of the free from market things have improved and you are able to have cakes or muffins that are I hate to say it like ‘normal’ ones. Sorry if I offend anyone by using this terminology. In other words much better than they used to be.
I’m sorry Sainsbury’s but I was disappointed by these muffins. Yes I liked the flavour and yes there was a generous scattering of blueberries. However, their texture just let these muffins down. So I won’t be recommending these to anyone who follows a dairy free and or gluten free diet.


    • March 16, 2016 / 6:45 am

      Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. The supermarkets are certainly offering a lot more free from choices. I hope you find some and like them, Chloe.

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