Review of Kind Snacks Nuts & spices dark chocolate nuts & sea salt snack

When I saw the new Kind nuts & spices bars in the free from section of Tesco’s I just had to give them a try. On looking not all varieties were dairy free but all were gluten free. I opted for the dark chocolate nuts & sea salt bar.
The bar comes in a semi clear package allowing you to see the bar inside. At the end of the packet of varying stripes of teal stripes. On the front under the brand logo it is clearly labelled as dairy free and gluten free. On the ingredients list almonds, peanuts, walnuts and soy are highlighted as allergens.
On opening the bar I noted an aroma of dark chocolate, peanuts and salt. The top of the bar consists of the almonds, peanuts and almonds with a drizzling of chocolate. Whilst the underneath is coated in a layer of dark chocolate. On biting into the bar there was a nice crunch was noted. I immediately got the taste of the nuts but predominantly the peanuts. What I noticed was a strong and overpowering flavour of salt. This made me quiet thirsty. I did get my chocolate fix from the bottom layer of the bar but sadly this was masked by the salt. Another disappointing aspect of this bar was the white stripe across the back. I think it was the seal from the packaging. Not what you expect when buying a snack bar.
So would I recommend this Kind Snacks bar I’m afraid not. I found it to be far to salty. Sorry Kind Snacks but I won’t be buying this bar again.

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