Review of PG Tips Camomile Herbal Infusion Tea

I recently discovered that PG Tips did a range of fruit and herbal teas. I decided to give this a try and opted for their peppermint tea as it is my favourite caffeine free tea. In a nutshell I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. So I thought I best try some of their other teas. As camomile is one of my teas of choice at the moment I opted for this.
This tea like the others in the PG range comes in a small box with a cute monkey on the back. The design is the same but just with different colour leaves on it. I’m a sucker for packaging and personally like PG’s. As with all the teas in the fruit and herbal range each box contains 20 tea pyramids. I like the design of these nifty pyramids they are designed to allow the tea to infuse easier with the hot water. I personally leave all my fruit and herbal teas bags or pyramids in my cup to allow it to continue infusing with the water. If you choose not to do this the pyramid has a nifty string attached resulting in easy removal from the cup.
Now onto the tea itself it only contains camomile. On opening the packet I have to admit to being a tad disappointed. I found no obvious aroma coming from the tea pyramids. On having a good old fashioned close up sniff their was a faint aroma but I would struggle to say it jumped out at me as being camomile. I placed the teabag in my cup and added the hot water. It didn’t take long for the tea to infuse with the water resulting in a pale yellow colour. On infusing the tea produced a faint subtle aroma that I associate with camomile tea. On sipping the tea it had a light mellow taste which was slightly grassy. It was light, delicate and refreshing. I found it to be slightly soothing on the stomach, but not so much as other brands I have tried.
Overall I found this tea to be weaker in both flavour and aroma compared to other camomile teas I have tried. It certainly wasn’t as nice as their peppermint tea. This is perhaps why I have been a little harsh with this review because I had high expectations. That said I did enjoy it as a light easy palatable tea. I think I will buy these as an everyday caffeine free tea.

12 thoughts on “Review of PG Tips Camomile Herbal Infusion Tea

    • Hi Rory. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Maybe we should swap teas 😊. I will have to try some of Clipper’s. I think I got spoilt by the camomile or chamomile tea I had in Turkey last year, nothing seems to match this yet, Chloe.

    • Hi Heidi thanks for stopping by and your kind comments, much appreciated. I’ve not seen Twining’s double mint tea so I will have to hunt this down. The apple crunch sounds nice it’s a shame when teas you like are discontinued, Chloe.

  1. Your tea set is adorable! My favourite at the moment is a Teapigs one so I always feel like I’m paying a small fortune for something that disappears so quickly (but tastes so good!) – luckily I’ve found a Pukka equivalent – peppermint & liquorice! I thought it sounded odd at first but it’s honestly delicious 🙂
    Jen (

    • Hi Jen thanks for stopping by. The tea cup set was a gift from my mum for my tea reviews on the blog. It seems to make drinking the tea an even more enjoyable experience. Yes, I agree Teapigs aren’t cheap. I’ve got some of that Pukka tea to try, I love their teas.

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