Review of Tesco’s free from coconut rice with senga sengana strawberry dessert

When I first saw these desserts I went straight to social media to share my new exciting find. I didn’t purchase any immediately as I had just stocked up on both dairy free sweet and savoury treats. On a later visit to Tesco’s I decided to give them a try they looked to good to resist.
The packaging is designed to the same format as that of their other free from products. There is an inviting picture of what looks like coconut cream in a small glass alongside cascading strawberries. Being a free from product they are gluten free but also suitable for dairy free me as they are labelled as being milk free. The only allergy warning is that of may contain nuts. Oh and they are also suitable for a vegan diet.
There are two clear style small glasses under the packaging allowing to see exactly about what you are about to eat. I felt like I was going to dive into a grown up dessert with a difference and my taste buds were getting excited about what was to come.
On opening the packet there was a sweet aroma of coconut noted. This was a little to sweet and artificial for me personal taste. I could clearly see the two layers of the dessert the coconut to the top with a scattering of coconut shreds intermingled in it. Under these there is what I would describe as a layer of fruit purée. I’m sure no doubt there is a posh name for this. I placed my spoon into the dessert ensuring that I got an even distribution of both layers. First came the thick texture from the coconut with a faint crunch from the sprinkles. This was followed by a tartness from the purée. My initial impression was that I was very disappointed by what I had just tried. Maybe my expectations were to high. So I continued to finish the dessert. My opinion didn’t change after having both desserts. I found the aroma from the dessert to sweet and artificial, the coconut aspect to be bland in flavouring and puttee like in texture. As for the fruit it was tart and lacked any real flavour. If I was blindfolded I would not have been able to tell you what fruit it was. On a positive note I like the little coconut sprinkles intermingled in the dessert.

So I’m sorry Tesco’s this free from dessert is definitely not for me. I like the concept but it simply lacked any real flavour or texture. I much prefer the simplicity and flavour of enjoying a plain Co-Yo yogurt with a scattering of fresh berries underneath.


  1. February 10, 2016 / 11:47 pm

    I’ve not tried this, I have tried the mango/tapioca pudding which I quite liked, it wasn’t too sweet and sickly.

    • February 11, 2016 / 6:44 am

      Oh that’s interesting I will give that one a try. I have also yet to try their chocolate one as well.

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