National Biscuit Shortage

When I woke up this morning I briefly read about the national biscuit shortage here in the UK. It caught my attention because it mentioned ginger nut biscuits. These are a back up to my normal favourites of bourbon biscuits. I didn’t think anymore of it. However, it is more serious than I thought. They seem to be disappearing quickly. Being dairy free I am restricted to the biscuits that I can safely enjoy. My favourite biscuits are bourbons. They are part of my weekly shop. I stock up and take them on all my holidays. I always eat them on a plane journey and when others are enjoying their cakes or treats out come my old faithful bourbons.

I wrote a previous post sharing the results of my research to find safe dairy free bourbons for me to enjoy. The only ones I found were Waitrose and Tesco’s own brand. Waitrose are my all time favourite. I popped into a local Tesco’s to stock but they had none. Next onto Waitrose, exactly the same.

Am I am going to have to resort to ebay and pay a fortune for my staple treats ? I have had them every week for as long as I can remember. I will feel lost without out them, this may seem strange to many, but they are my safe treat that I never tire of. If you have any safe alternative biscuits I can try please let me know. I would be really grateful, Chloe.

17 thoughts on “National Biscuit Shortage

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. Oh my goodness I forgot about these. Thank you. I haven’t had them for a while. I must get the spread as well for Shrove Tuesday. Time for me to hunt them down. Thanks again, Chloe.

  1. Bourbon biscuits? You’d think that we’d have them here in Kentucky, but I never knew such a thing existed until I read your post just now. They do sound good! (I’m partial to ginger nut biscuits too…)

    • Hi, thanks for time to read my post. They are a popular biscuit here in the UK, no alcohol involved. Maybe I need to pop over to grab some ginger nut biscuits to keep me happy, any excuse for a holiday 😊.

    • Hi. Sadly, the factory where a lot of the biscuits get manufactured got flooded and damaged from a recent storm. This has led to the shortage of biscuits especially my beloved bourbon biscuits.

      • That’s such an interesting, yet sad, circumstance! Besides the shortage of biscuits, I hope no one was hurt. I love your blog, it’s like a little taste of culture with a blend of lactose free and healthy eating. ♡

    • Hi Martha, thanks for taking the time for reading my post. Indeed it is. I personally didn’t realise how popular the bourbon biscuits were. I’ve yet to find an alternative that I really enjoy.

  2. not sure if i ever had ‘bourbon cream’ biscuits before. i probably have, but just didn’t know what i had, as i’ve tried many biscuits. the other day, though, i was at marks and spencer and saw their bourbon cream biscuits. i didn’t get any, as i wasn’t sure. maybe i should give it a try the next time i’m at marks and spencer again.

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