Review of Sainsbury’s crumpets

I really enjoying eating crumpets they are simple quick easy snack or make a nice breakfast or lunch. I can’t remember the last time I had crumpets. So many are not suitable for dairy free me.
My bread for lunch had gone mouldy so I made a quick dash to a Sainsbury’s local and these crumpets caught my attention. I didn’t expect to be able to have them. On checking the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted was wheat. They were also labelled as being suitable for vegans. So that was my lunch sorted. I could have my peanut butter after all.
I popped two crumpets into the toaster as instructed. They toasted well. They came it with a crispy bottom and a slightly crispy top.
I placed my peanut butter on the top it melted slightly and oozed through some of the holes. I couldn’t wait to dive in. On biting into the crumpet it was slightly crunchy to the top followed by a light fluffy yet slightly doughy centre. This was finished by a nice crunchy bottom. As for the flavour it is difficult to describe it was like eating a toasted white loaf of bread with a slightly more substantial texture.
I really enjoyed these crumpets in terms of their differing texture. I liked their crunchieness which was superior to other crumpets that I have tried. The flavour was as I expected. So would I recommend these crumpets to anyone who follows a dairy free or vegan diet, yes definitely. So thank you Sainsbury’s for producing a nice simple savoury treat that I can enjoy at anytime of day.

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