Review of Tetley earl grey teabags

After a cold and wet walk we ended up in a pub trying to shelter from the elements. As it was lunchtime we decided to stay for a bite to eat. I ordered our food and decided I needed warming up with a nice cup of tea. Luckily they had earl grey. Of course I asked for it milk free. I grabbed my mug and sat down.

The tea soon changed the hot water to a light brown colour. What I noted was the lack of aroma coming from my mug. I gave it a subtle sniff and nothing. I expected to be able to smell a hint of bergamot. I sipped the tea, no real flavour noted. It was as if I was drinking a weak black run of the mill tea. I left the teabag in the mug to continue to infuse with the hot water. This made the tea a little stronger but not significantly. I continued to sip on my tea. I was still unable to taste the bergamot or any real flavours to this tea. I was personally disappointed by this tea. It simply lacked any flavour or aroma.

Sorry Tetley but I have no plans to purchase a packet of these teabags and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who enjoys a nice cup of earl grey.

14 thoughts on “Review of Tetley earl grey teabags

  1. I can’t stand Tetley, PG or Typhoo, and I especially detest fake Earl Grey. While I don’t have any dairy allergies I always drink my tea black and I expect it to taste like what it purports to be. My favourite teas come from chinalife or – if I want something herbal – the Yogi range is lovely (don’t try their rose tea though, it’s revolting and smells so bad that we had to put it in the garage).

    • Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my post. My mum and mother in law also drink their tea without milk but I don’t know anyone else who does this. I agree by having it black allows you to experience the teas true flavours. I must find some Chinalife and Yogi tea. It seems to get great reviews Chloe.

    • Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. I think I just hoped for a better tasting tea. If I was not aware it was earl grey I don’t think I would have been able say it was earl grey.

  2. A good rule of thumb that has worked for me for many a year – if you don’t enjoy a company’s loose leaf tea of type “X“, or if they don’t make a loose leaf tea of type “X“, the chances are that you won’t enjoy that company’s tea bag of type “X“… 🙂

  3. I love how you give honest reviews on what tea should and shouldn’t taste like, they’re wonderful reviews! What is your favorite brand of tea as of right now? ~

    • Hi thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. I try to be as honest as possible. My favourites at the moment are Twinings earl and lady grey, Pukka three mint and Sainsbury’s blackcurrant teas.

  4. Earl Grey is always a hard one for a good cuppa. I quite like Tetley for their “Bold” Orange Pekoe in Canada, but in the US, Tetley is just rubbish at best. I’d have to hand my trophy to Ahmad Tea. I just love their English Tea No.1 and Earl Grey.

    • Hi Tim,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I’ve not seen the bold orange pekoe tea, but will take a look just in case it’s a available here in the UK. I will google Ahmad tea to see if I can can try their earl grey, thank you for the tip, Chloe.

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