Review of Genius gluten free pancakes

Being dairy free doesn’t stop me from eating a rich and varied diet. Even as a child I never let it get in my way it just meant a few little tweaks by mum. As an adult I am often asked don’t I feel like I am missing out on various foods especially sweet treats. To be honest most of the time I don’t. I always put a positive spin on it in that by often not having a dessert I am being healthier. However, every now and then I wish I could enjoy certain foods. On of these is pancakes at a breakfast buffet. I think it is the fact you can mix and match it to be sweet and or savoury treat. When I happen to stumble across Genius’s new free from pancakes I just had to pick them up.
The packaging is simple but it draws to the attention to a stack of pancakes with cascading fruit and syrup. To the side of this the packaging is clear allowing you to see the pancakes inside. The pancakes are clearly labelled as being gluten and milk free. On checking the ingredients list the only allergen highlighted is eggs.
I dived into the packet and decided I should have half a packet in the name of research of course. I couldn’t really note any real aroma from the packaging but should there be ? The instructions on the packaging advise that you can either grill or toast the pancakes. I tried heating them both ways. I personally found toasting them easier. I tried the pancakes both as a total sweet and a sweet and savoury treat. First I had it with as a stack of pancakes with crispy bacon. The second was with fruit. The pancakes worked well with both.
So what did I think to the pancakes. They reheated well. They kept the same colour. I poked the pancakes they were slightly bouncy to touch. The pancakes were slightly crispy to the outside and light and fluffy to the centre. The taste reminded me of a nice yorkshire pudding. This is a positive thing as I love yorkshire puddings.

Would I recommend these pancakes to anyone who follows a dairy and or gluten free diet yes definitely. Their taste and texture was just how I imagined a pancake to be. They can also be frozen defrosted quickly to be reheated as a treat when needed. So thank you Genius for providing me with pancakes that I can enjoy.

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