Oh no, no tea

After an 8 hour journey down to the lovely St Ives all I could think about was catching up with friends and having a nice cup of tea. Our friends helped us unpack the car which was then parked in the designated space. I had safely packed a small collection of teabags just for me as an emergency if needed. The kettle was dutifully put on for me with a mug so that I could relax and enjoy a nice cuppa before going out. Disaster struck, my secret pack up of tea was nowhere to be found. I frantically emptied all of the bags which were rechecked but nothing. So instead I had a mug of hot water before heading out.

Once in town the plan was to have a few drinks before going out for a meal. My friends waited whilst I made a mad dash into the local co-op to get some tea. We were only in St Ives for a few days but this girl has to have her tea. I found the section straight away, luckily there was a good selection. I grabbed 2 boxes of Twinings one earl grey for me, english breakfast for everyone else and a pack of co-op’s own double mint fair trade tea to share.

We then went on to enjoy a few drinks in the local pubs before heading out for our meal. During this time I had my co-op carrier bag full of tea with me. After a lovely night out we arrived back at the house where I immediately put the kettle on. I emptied the carrier bag then enjoyed a nice cup of tea with my friends before retiring to bed.

17 thoughts on “Oh no, no tea

  1. Not sure how well you know St. Ives, but the off-license on Fore Street (the harbour end, near to where Fore St. meets The Digey) sells tea from the Tregothnan estate.

    Very, very nice indeed, but a bit pricey – if I remember right I paid about £20 for their Classic Collection, which contains 60 tea-bags. Thankfully I had plenty of birthday money to splash out with…

    Their web site is over at https://tregothnan.co.uk/

  2. lol. tea addict for sure 🙂 i too always bring a tea supply of my own whenever i travel. just incase, you know. not that hotels don’t provide them, but i can’t rely on hotels’ judgement on what makes their teas good teas. besides, we all have preferences. so it’s always better to be save than sorry.

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