Review of Sainsbury’s free from chocolate mint crisps

Now I’m more of savoury person and prefer to have a starter and main as opposed to a dessert. One thing that sways my palate is chocolate. I’m afraid it is one of my weaknesses. Following a dairy and lactose free diet often means that I can’t enjoy most chocolates and like any food or drink I consume I always have to check the ingredients list. I personally prefer dark chocolate and if it has a bit of mint thrown in for luck even better. I recently to received a packet as a gift so of course I just had to review them.
The chocolates come in a small box style packaging. This is the same green colour and style as Sainsbury’s other free from products. For me personally I find this a little dull and bland. The only semi exciting element is that there is a small clear sealed window to the front allowing you to see the chocolate inside. The ingredients list on the back of the packaging highlights the only allergen as being soya. They are also suitable for vegans.
On opening the box you are greeted by chocolate discs covered in green foil. There was a pleasant aroma of rich chocolate with a subtle hint of mint. I just wanted to unwrap one of the discs and dive in.
On removing the foil you find a dark chocolate disc. The aroma of both the chocolate and mint are slightly stronger but not overpowering. On biting into the chocolate a nice crunch was noted. The chocolate was fairly rich and slightly melted in the mouth. This alone would have mad me happy but this combined with the slight crunch from the mint and the pleasant refreshing flavour was a real treat. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how nice these chocolates were. They were certainly a nice grown up treat. I have had them both by themselves and as a treat after a meal. In fact at a recent meal I took one with me so that when the tea, coffee and mints arrived I didn’t feel left out.
So if you follow a dairy, and or gluten free diet or a vegan why not give these chocolate mint crisps a try. I’m sure you won’t regret it. So thank you Sainsbury’s for producing a really nice sweet treat that I can enjoy.

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