Review of the Beefeater Grill Restaurant and being dairy free

On a recent night out with a group of friends we decided to make a last minute visit to a Beefeater Grill restaurant. I explained to the manager on duty that I followed a dairy free diet. I was provided with an A4, folder with the print out from their website. The folder had a few dividers separating breakfast, main meals, Sunday roasts and Christmas for this time of year. It took me a long time to find any dishes that I fancied and if they were suitable for my dairy / lactose free diet. I personally found this to be a tad frustrating. Why can’t it be quick and clear like their main menus?

I opted for fillet steak with skinny fries. Our waitress was knowledgable about food allergies and was dairy free herself. She reassured me about the suitability of what I had chosen. She also explained that the standard house dressing used on their side salads was dairy free but if I wished to have it plain that was fine. I choose to have my salad plain.

When the main meals arrived my had been prepared separately and was bought to me by another waitress. This meant that all of our meals arrived together. I liked this as it’s not uncommon for my meals to either arrive early of after everyone else’s. As for the meal itself my side salad came without the dressing itself. It was ok, but nothing special and didn’t taste as if it had been freshly prepared although it must have been to not have any dressing. The fries were simple they were hot fairly crunchy and soft in the centre. Not the best but not the worst fries I’ve eaten. I have to confess to having a free refill on the fries. Now onto the steak it was a tad disappointing to say the least. It didn’t look like the fillet steak like I had ordered. It wasn’t cooked medium as I requested and was dry tough and of a poor quality. The manager agreed and apologised and I wasn’t charged for my meal. It was good that they acknowledged this.

As for eating at the Beefeater Grill restaurant and being dairy free or having any food allergies or intolerances the staff appeared knowledgable and they have a clear designated folder for diners to use. It would just be helpful if their allergy folder was more user friendly.

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