Tea Chatter

I was recently at a work conference. On arrival we were greeted by a selection of tea, coffee and cakes. On choosing my earl grey teabag another other candidate behind me was surprised by my selection. He then asked why I had chosen earl grey as it was not a common choice of tea. Our conversation then continued around tea. I explained that earl grey was one of my favourite teas. I loved the bergamot flavour and find it works well as a refreshing black tea as I have my tea without milk due to being dairy free. He was intrigued by this and told me the story of how he discovered earl grey tea. It was a long fascinating conversation. In a nut shell he was given it on a trip to Canada and wasn’t keen. He was there for a while and bought a box of tea and got earl grey by mistake and finished the box. By this time he had developed a love for the tea. I enquirered if he had tried it black with a slice of lemon he hadn’t but was intrigued by this combination. He then asked if I had any recommendations for brands of earl grey to try as I was obviously an avid tea drinker. I discussed a variety of brands of earl grey I had tried and what I thought. He took note and thanked me. I was glad to share my passion about my love for cups of tea that morning. I just wish I had directed him to my blog. I will remember this next time. In the mean time I hope you find my tea reviews helpful C😀.

4 thoughts on “Tea Chatter

  1. have you tried a vanilla earl grey? it’s quite enjoyable. i’m not a big fan of earl grey teas in general, but the addition of sweet vanilla in aroma given it a nice compliment to the strong and usually pungent aroma of bergamot. i have also tried darjeeling earl grey. the darjeeling based tea is a much smoother substitute to the usual strong assam black or ceylon black base for earl grey teas.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comments much appreciated. I’ve not tried vanilla earl grey but must add it to my list of teas to try. I personally live the smell and flavour of bergamot. I have tried a couple of teas that have combined both Darjeeling and earl grey some worked well others not so. I personally think that a lighter black tea works better with earl grey do that it doesn’t impact on the bergamot .

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