Review of Marks & Spencer Café Earl Grey Tea

Whilst on a recent shopping trip to Tunbridge Wells, my friend and I decided it was time to take a pit stop as a cup of tea was calling us. As we were in Marks & Spencer we soon found ourselves in their café. I have to confess that we had already ready stopped for a couple of cups of tea that day as a result I couldn’t decide what to have. Did I go for a refreshing mint tea, traditional English tea of an earl grey? So I took the easy option and asked my friend to choose. She decided I should have an earl grey. It came in a nice small silver teapot with the label of the tea bag visible on the outside. I looked inside the teapot and found the teabag, there was a feint but subtle aroma of bergamot coming from the teapot. I let the teabag infuse with the hot water for a few minutes.
I poured a little tea into the cup and it was as I would describe as a perfect brown colour. I took a little sip and was able to taste a subtle bergamot flavour. It tasted like an earl grey should. I personally liked it as I can find some earl grey teas a little strong and overpowering but this was spot on. As I made my way through the teapot the tea kept its same strength in both colour and flavour.
I found it to be a nice refreshing enjoyable cup of tea. I would definitely pop back to Marks & Spencer’s café for another cup of earl grey tea in the future. I would recommend that anyone who likes their tea without milk give it a try. In fact next time I am in their food hall I will be popping a box of these tea bags in my basket.

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  1. December 3, 2015 / 9:47 pm

    Being a tea girl, I completely agree with you. This is my favorite earl gray tea.

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