Review of ilumi rice noodle snack pots

I first discovered ilumi a couple of years ago. They make a range of ready meals that are free from dairy, and gluten. They are what I call go to emergency food as they can be stored safely in the cupboard until you fancy diving in. I always stock up on their goodies at the annual Allergy Show, London.
When I saw that they were brining out rice noodle snack pots I was a little intrigued and planned to give them a try. I was lucky enough to be sent samples of the full range of their new product. The snack pots are made with rice noodles and come in 4 different flavours:
Sweet Chilli
Tom Yum
Vietnamese Beef Pho
I liked the simple design of the pot with a clear plastic lid allowing you to see the contents inside. There are simple clear instruction on the packet how to prepare the product. You simply remove the lid and fill it with hot water as instructed and wait. What you get is plump rice noodles which are eveningly coated in the relevant flavour. This results in a nice aroma, which is subtle but not to overpowering or artificial. I dived in and placed the rice noodle on my fork. It was certainly warm and looked moist but not sticky or gooey in texture. On biting into the noodles the texture was spot on medium moist, not to hard or gooey, just as I hoped. Now on to the flavour this was as described. I could definitely taste all of the ingredients and they didn’t taste artificial. My favourite had to be the Vietnamese Beef Pho. I enjoyed the subtle hint of spice with the nice scattering of vegetables and this combined the beef stock and the overall inviting aroma just ticked all of the boxes. These pot snacks definitely hit the spot and filled me up. As I was lucky enough to receive several samples I also got my other half and a work colleague to try these new snack pots, both of whom have no dietary restrictions. They both gave the snacks a thumbs up. They enjoyed the ease and convenience of use. They thought the flavours were nice and enjoyed the texture of the noodles.
For me personally these will work as an emergency snack as and when needed. I will keep a couple in the car just in case. It’s amazing that it can still be very difficult to find safe dairy free food on the go without any forward planning. My only criticism is that I wish they had bought their release date out earlier. These would have been the perfect filling snack to have on the way home from my recent holiday to Turkey where the only option I had was an old banana. These will definitely be in my rucksack on any of my future travels.

So thank you ilumi for kindly sending me the samples of the snack pots to try. Most importantly of all for giving me a quick and safe food option that I can have on my travels. So would I recommend these snack pots, definitely. So if you follow a dairy and or gluten free diet, why not give these a try.

Disclaimer: ilumi sent me samples of their new product to try, no payment was received.


  1. November 10, 2015 / 1:45 pm

    Hey Chloe, thanks for the heads up – I haven’t come across these before. I moved my blog this summer and have been so busy working on it I lost contact with bloggers like you! I enjoy your reviews and find they save me time and money (like not bothering to try the co-operative raspberry jelly 😉 If you fancy popping over my blog is now at cheers, Rai x

    • November 11, 2015 / 9:17 pm

      Hi Rai, thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m glad you find my posts helpful. Try the jelly from M & S if you are able to. I will be popping over to your blog. Have a lovely evening C ?.

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