Review of Sun.Pat Crunchy Peanut Butter

Well I developed yet another craving for some peanut butter. I had already eaten lunch so I decided that peanut butter would make a nice afternoon snack. I have reviewed a few peanut butters so decided to go for a well known brand, this being Sun.Pat. I have previously reviewed their chocolate peanut butter and loved it. So I had high expectations. I opted for their crunchy variety.
It is labelled as being made with 95% peanuts. The only allergen highlighted in bold was peanuts. It was labelled as being suitable for vegetarians. On opening the jar there was a nice aroma of peanuts noted. The peanut butter itself looked very inviting a typical light tan colour which was smooth in appearance with chunks of peanuts noted.
I had the peanut butter on crumpets. It was easy to spread eveningly on to the crumpets. On biting into the crumpets I could definitely taste the peanut element, it was as I expected to be. I enjoyed the combination of the textures. It was nice and smooth with an intermittent crunch noted from the nuts. It certainly ticked all of the peanut butter boxes for me. Overall, I enjoyed this peanut butter and would buy it again. However, if I had a choice between this and the chocolate version, the chocolate one definitely wins. So if you are dairy / lactose free or follow a vegetarian diet why not give this a try.

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