Review of Tesco’s Free From Crispy Choco Snaps

I had seen and heard about this cereal from others via Twitter and Facebook. They had been on my to try list for quiet some time. However, they weren’t that easy to find. I was a tad excited when I finally found them and put them straight into my shopping basket. I loved the bright vibrant packaging, with a picture of a naughty animal diving into the cereal. Ok it’s similar to that of Coco Pops but they are often of limits for dairy free me. The packaging is clearly labelled as being gluten, wheat, dairy and milk free. No allergens were highlighted in the ingredients list.
On opening the box I hoped I may get a little whiff of chocolate. Sadly, this was not the case. I poured the cereals into my bowl in anticipation of diving in. I was a tad surprised by their size. They were a lot smaller than I anticipated. I was expecting them to be like Coco Pops they were but in a smaller version. I tried the cereal without milk initially to so that I could compare and contrast it both with and without milk. They had a texture similar to that of a rice crispie but just coated in chocolate. On biting into the cereal a nice crunch noted this was followed by a light airy texture. As for the flavour this was definitely chocolately and a little stronger than I expected, but not bad. My only criticism was that I had a bit of a residual texture left in my mouth which I didn’t expect. I had already placed my almond milk in the bowl ready to place the cereal in top. I have to confess to being a little excited to see if I then had chocolate milk. I certainly did, so that was a big tick. So what about the taste and texture of the cereal once it had been added to milk. The texture remained pretty much the same even though it was being soaked in milk. So this was a great positive.
Now on to the flavour. It had seemed to have disappeared and I struggled to taste the chocolate, the key ingredient to these cereals. I was really disappointed with this. It was as if it had been washed away into the milk. I tasted the milk by itself and yes it did have a chocolately flavour. Now I still struggle drinking any milk and I didn’t want to have the milk to enjoy the cereals flavour. I have tried other free from Coco Pops style cereals and haven’t experienced this before. I guess it could be a great way to get a child to drink their milk. It’s great that there are more safe free from cereals especially of the chocolate variety that are become more easily available. As a child I would never have dreamt I could have a safe version of coco pops. Personally, I have tried other brands and preferred these. That said they are not as easily accessible so these may be an option for parents to get as part of their regular shop. Sorry, Tesco’s but I preferred the alternative brands that I have tried.

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