Review of Pringles Original Tortilla Chips

On a late night dash to a local supermarket so I discovered a new style of Pringles. Now I don’t normally go for this kind of savoury treat but as we were having friends to visit I thought I should pop them into my basket. On checking the ingredients list there were no allergens listed were therefore dairy, gluten and lactose free. They were also labelled as being suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Again as with other Pringles I found the allergen labelling disappointing as they were not listed separately and difficult to see the bold print. The Pringles come in a big yellow tube which has a picture of the Pringle on the front. The tube had a plastic lid with a little foil seal underneath to dive into the tube. Each Pringle is cream in colour with brown speckles.
On picking a Pringle up I thought that their texture was a little different, maybe slightly thicker than other Pringles that I have tried. On biting into a Pringle a nice crunch was noted and there was a faint if not weaker than expected flavour. It lacked any real oomph. I was expecting a stronger more powerful experience of Mexican spices hitting my taste buds.
So did I enjoy them ? Well, I liked the crunchiness and texture of this savoury snack but sadly not the flavouring as it was a little weak and bland for me. Personally I preferred the traditional style Pringles in both flavour and texture. So if like me you follow a dairy, gluten or lactose free diet or are vegetarian or vegan and fancy an occasional savoury snack why not give these a try. I would be interested to know if you prefer the traditional flavours like me or if you like the new texture and flavour of these Pringles. Thanks for reading C 😊.

6 thoughts on “Review of Pringles Original Tortilla Chips

  1. well, it does say ‘tortilla chips’ which usually used as chips for dipping. i think it shall taste much better when you have salsa dip to go with the chips.

  2. Even though the original Pringles is a much lighter chip, I really enjoyed these. It’s so hard to find chips/cookies/cereals that do not have some kind of dairy protein in it. That’s why it’s best if we make our snacks at home! 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for reading my post. Interesting to read that you prefer these Pringles good to have a choice. I always try and make my snacks at home as well, to have as a back up where possible.

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