Tea in Turkey

Well I have been lucky enough to experience my first all inclusive holiday. Our destination was Turkey to a new 5 star hotel, which had all the facilities you could ever need including vast quantities of tea. What I didn’t realise until our holiday was just how much the Turkish love their tea. They like to have a strong black traditional tea which is topped up with hot water to an individual’s taste so its strength can be adjusted. It is drunk black with or without sugar, so perfect for dairy free me.
I loved the fact that the hotel had copper teapots and hot water was added to the tea to suit your individual taste. I also liked the nice little glass cups in which the tea was served.
In the hotel where we’re staying there was also classic wooden tea chests with the various varieties of teas to choose from. These were placed at different locations around the hotel and you could help yourself when ever you wished to. I was in tea heaven.
Initially I tried the black tea. I found this a little strong in taste and it was certainly darker in colour than the British teas that I am used to. I quickly learnt that all that was required was a quick dunk in and out of the hot water and you had a nice refreshing black tea.
Next I decided to try the chamomile tea. I know it’s meant to have a variety of health benefits, but at home I really have not enjoyed this. I placed the teabag into the hot water and it went a light brown / yellow colour. It had a pleasant aroma of chamomile snd didn’t appear to be as strong as similar teas back home. On tasting the tea there was a subtle hint of chamomile noted. It was light and refreshing. It gave me a nice smooth feeling as I ingested it. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed and choose to have this instead of black tea on many occasions throughout our stay.
I tried the blackberry mixed fruit tea, this was nice and refreshing, slightly sweet and had very slight and subtle aroma and taste of blackberry. I personally preferred the similar teas that I have had back in the UK. On checking the ingredients list blackberry was at the end of the list and it included stevia, which I found interesting.
The Linden tea was interesting, its ingredients were listed as Linden, clove, rooibos and cinnamon. It had both the aroma and taste that reminded me of Christmas I think it was the cinnamon element to the tea. It was warm and comforting and a definite hit with me.
If I am honest I didn’t get chance to try them all, the teabags keep changing and I was enjoying my Turkish tea whilst I could. So thank you Turkey for being a lovely country to enjoy a relaxing holiday , but also for keeping this tea addict very happy. I ended up bring my boxes of teabags back home with me unopened, I think that says it all.

8 thoughts on “Tea in Turkey

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    • Hi, so am I hesitant with the teas I have and I bought my own with me on holiday. They stayed in my suitcase this never normally happens. I was so lucky to be spoilt for choice. I would return again just for the teas ☕️.

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