Review of Brasilian Barbecue Restaurant London and Being Dairy Free

It was recently a friend’s birthday which ment a lovely day out in London. This involved a little bit of sight seeing, lots of walking, visiting a few pubs and dinner out. My friends choose Cabana Brasilian Barbecue restaurant. On making the reservation she explained that one of the party had a dairy and lactose free diet. She was advised that the duty manager would speak to me in person to let me know what options were suitable. In addition to this the head chef would be informed and my meal would be cooked separately as they took food allergies very seriously. I was suitably impressed, this is how eating out should be.
We were given the menu which highlighted options for gluten free, and vegans. There was no separate menu for dairy / lactose free. The waitress explained that I should have a look at the menu and choose some dishes to see what was suitable for me. I opted for steak and chips. I was unable to have the side dishes so opted for double chips instead, which I was more than happy with. The duty manager then spoke to me personally to reassure me that they were aware of my allergy and that it would be cooked separately. She offered me safe alternative dishes to accompany my steak. I ended up with a bowl of savoury rice, corn on the cobb minus the butter and chips.
My dishes came first with the rice and corn on the cobb. I had to wait a little while for my steak, but it was busy so I tucked into my side dishes. The savoury rice came in a good-sized bowl. It was light and fluffy and had a hint of savoury vegetables in it. A good choice for a side order. As for the corn on the cobb they had been cooked on a flame grill and so were slightly charred. They very hot and definitely freshly cooked just for me. In fact they were a little to big so I even had to share these.
On to the steak it had been marinated in the restaurants herbs and spices. I requested it well done, not medium for some unknown reason. It was definitely cooked to order. It was a good size and the herbs and spices definitely gave it a kick to it.
Sadly, my fries arrived a little later. This would be my only complaint if I had one. In a way it was like having a three course meal. They came in a nice silver bucket. They were light and crispy. The portion size was spot on, especially due the side orders that I had already enjoyed.
The dessert. There was an option of sorbet, at least it wasn’t fruit salad. To be fair I was pretty full and couldn’t have managed this anyway. Instead I opted for a cup of tea, which of course had to be earl grey. This was Twinnings and was served in a glass mug. I requested a piece of lemon instead of milk, which was what I got. Being a tea addict, what I loved about this restaurant that you could have refills of you tea for free. Normally I would take advantage of this. However, as we had been in a pub prior to the meal and would be afterwards I thought that this may not be a good idea.

So would I recommend this restaurant to anyone with a food allergy or intolerance ? Yes, definitely. They may not have specific menus to cater for this just yet, but the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. So thank you Cabanana Brasilian Barbecue restaurant for allowing me to enjoy a lovely meal out with my friends. I will definitely visit you again.


  1. September 30, 2015 / 7:24 pm

    Wow that’s really considerate of them! Last time I mentioned my milk problem to a waitress, she wasted my entire lunch hour (I was meeting my then-boyfriend for a lunch date) then brought me out a bowlful of chopped lettuce and tried to pass it off as a Caesar salad. They got really OTT on the “may contain” which is why I generally just use my common sense (steak’s always a winner for me too, also the vegan options, but never the veggie ones – they’re always cheese) unless everything looks ambiguous I don’t ask. I’m down in London again next month, I might check these guys out!

    • September 30, 2015 / 7:32 pm

      Thanks for raking the time to read my post. I think the new rules on allergens had helped improve eating out, although it is often still hit and miss sadly. I’m often offered a plain salad as an option, boo ?. Oh and the vegan option. I visited the branch near The Angel tube. I hope you enjoy your trip to London C ?.

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