Review of Sainsbury’s Raspberry Jelly

Now who doesn’t like jelly as a treat ? Growing up it was often the only treat at parties that I was allowed. It has certainly now become a lot easier to pick up ready made jellies from supermarkets.  I especially like the ones that come with fruit as it’s like having a little bonus treat. I have previously reviewed Marks & Spencer’s raspberry jelly which I really enjoyed. So when I saw that Sainsbury’s did a similar jelly I had to give it a go. There were no allergens listed on its ingredients label it was therefore dairy and lactose free. It was also labelled as being suitable for vegans.  
The jelly itself comes in a cup style plastic container meaning that you can see the jelly inside. It had a nice scattering of raspberries near the top. I  opened the lid and a very faint non descript aroma was noted. I dived into the pot. The jelly was of a medium consistency with a good wobble noted. I got a nice spoonful of both jelly and raspberries. As for the flavour I couldn’t really decide what this actually was. If I was blind folded I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that it was raspberry. That said I definitely got a nice flavour from the raspberries these were not to sweet or tart. I loved the combination of textures from the smooth wobble from the jelly through to the raspberries which had kept their texture and consistency nicely.
Sadly, I didn’t think much to the flavour as this was simply lacking. It made a nice treat on the go and would make a nice easy sweet treat if no other safer free from treats are available. Would I have it again, yes if it was offered to me. Would I personally buy it, probably not. Sorry Sainsbury’s but I much preferred the raspberry jelly from Marks and Spencer’s.

5 thoughts on “Review of Sainsbury’s Raspberry Jelly

  1. Hi there!

    Great review, so detailed and honest. I thought this looked really nice and I was really interested until you mentioned that the raspberry taste was not as strong as it could have been (sadly!). Otherwise, I would definitely have picked this up because I love raspberries and I haven’t had jelly for such a long time.

    Sarah xx

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