Review of Marks & Spencer’s Tomato and Basil Soup

With the frankly dull weather that we have been having lately it led to me wanting comfort food. I popped into my local Marks & Spencer’s to see what I could find. I was immediately drawn to the chiller cabinet where the soups could be found. Now, being dairy free most soups are not an option. One safe choice, although not always guaranteed is a simple tomato and basil soup. Luckily, this was in the chiller. It was marked as being suitable for vegetarian’s, so it looked like it might not become my lunch. On checking the ingredients list no allergens were highlighted or listed, it therefore appeared to be a safe option for me. So I decided that I would give it a try.
It came in a simple plastic contained with a label having a picture on the front which included tomatoes and basil. I also liked that you could see the soup inside.  On removing the lid I could not really note any aroma being emitted from the soup. This disappointed me a little as I had hoped to able to smell the aroma of fresh tomatoes and basil. I poured half of the soup into a bowl, it had a medium consistency with chunks of tomatoes and fine pieces of basil noted. I was initially impressed as some soups I have tried have been runny in consistency, with minimal chunks of tomatoes. I heated it in the microwave as instructed. It heated well and the soup kept it’s consistency. There was a feint aroma of tomatoes, but none from the basil. I hoped this may appear after heating the soup. I waited for the soup to cool slightly before diving in. I liked it’s consistency, it stayed on my spoon and didn’t run back into my bowl. This was spot on being thicker than other brands that I have tried, yet not being a chunky vegetable style soup.
As for the flavour, well I am sorry to say this was lacking little. The tomato aspect of the soup was a tad bland and I was unable to distinguish the basil element to this soup. Would I have this soup again, maybe if I needed a quick comforting food and I had forgotten my lunch, but otherwise probably not. I’m sorry Marks & Spencer’s but I have enjoyed nicer tomato and basil soups and would therefore find it difficult to recommend for others to try.

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