Being gluten free and eating out in John Lewis.

Well here it goes, it’s time for my mum’s Monthly guest blog post about being gluten free. So here it is….. I recently popped into a John Lewis and fancied a drink and a light snack to keep me going. I follow a gluten free diet and choices can be a little limited when eating out. I decided to opt for their gluten free egg and watercress roll.
The actual roll was soft and really quite moist – not like a brick as they often are. It wasn’t refreshed either which often means you have to eat it quickly before it goes solid. The filling was very nice too. I could have even thought I was eating a normal roll. It was slightly nutty akin to a granary bread. The gentleman who served me was very helpful and knowledgeable and even told me about the two cakes I Had a choice of chocolate or coffee and pecan, both of which looked delicious. I couldn’t manage cake as I was quite full from the roll but will have one of these the next time I visit. All this is a vast improvement from a previous visit when my choice was very poor.

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