Review of Good Hemp Milk

Well, it’s been a little while since I have tried a new milk alternative. So I thought I should try something completely different and opted for hemp milk. I choose The Good Hemp Food milk in a UHT form, mainly because I liked the simple bright vibrant blue packaging with a picture of milk cascading at the bottom. It is advertised as a dairy free alternative to milk and soya. It also highlights on the side of the packaging that it is free from allergens highlighting that it is lactose, gluten and GMO free, whilst being suitable for vegans.
I gave the carton a gentle shake prior to opening it. I personally liked the fact that it had an easy to undo and reveal cap to the top of the packet. on opening the carton there was what I would describe as a faint nutty aroma noted, which was pleasant. I found it very easy to pour the milk into a bowl, with no unexpected spills occurring. The milk itself was a pale cream colour and of what I would describe as a medium consistency when comparing it to other milks. and I did not note any stronger aroma once placed into the bowl. I heated the milk in the microwave for my usual time to enjoy it with my Weetabix for breakfast. It heated well, no separation or skin formation occurred. I then placed my usual 2 Weetabix into the bowl. Interestingly, it changed the consistency compared to normal, being slightly thicker. I had this milk for the following 2 days and the consistency of the Weetabix remained the same. This resulted in a slightly different texture to my breakfast cereal compared to normal, which made a nice change. As for the taste of my Weetabix, well the milk added very faint what I would describe as nutty to it, with a slight sweet element noted. However, this did not really impact on the overall flavour of my Weetabix. I also had the milk cold with granola, I personally felt that the milk impacted slightly on the flavour of my granola compared to other milks I have tried. That said it did not impact of the enjoyment of eating the granola. I also tried a little in a glass neat 🙂 and although I really struggle to drink any dairy free milk for psychological reasons, I found it quiet pleasant.
I am looking forward to using as part of both a sweet and savoury treat when cooking as it heated well, and had a mild subtle flavour. Overall, I enjoyed this milk and am glad that I have tried something different. I will definitely buy this again. So thank you Good Hemp Food for producing an allergen friendly milk that both I and many others can try.

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