I won a Ten Acre Hamper

I don’t normally enter competitions but to cut a long story short people who I follow and engage with on Twitter were retweeting a competition that caught my eye. It was a chance to be entered into a random draw to win a hamper packed with Ten Acre goodies. Those of you that aren’t aware of Ten Acre it’s a fairly new brand in the UK that now produces crisps and popcorn that are both dairy and gluten free, contains no MSG and also suitable for Vegan’s. I first discovered the brand at the Allergy Show, London last year. I was suitably impressed and took a big bag of their goodies home with me. This year on what has now become our annual trip to the Allergy Show I was disappointed that they didn’t have a stand to stock up. Being a fairly new brand they can be a little hard to find. So after seeing several retweets to enter the competition I took the plunge as I hadn’t been able to replenish my crisp supply. I didn’t expect to win and thought nothing more of it. I then finished a gym class one evening and seemed to be bombarded with Twitter alerts. I thought that this was a little strange as I hadn’t even been on Twitter. So when I looked further it was all messages of congratulations from fellow tweeters. I couldn’t believe my luck and let out a little yelp in my car and drove home. I responded to all the kind tweets that I had received and spoke to my mum who also loved their crisps. I promised to share the hamper of goodies with her. The hamper has now arrived and is filled with both their crisps and more exciting their popcorn which I have yet to try. So, once again thank you to Ten Acre for my prize hamper. I can’t wait to dive in and enjoy both the sweet and savoury treats.

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