Review of Tesco’s Original Bagels

A little while ago, I reviewed some New York bagels, which I really enjoyed. It was recommended that I try Tesco’s own bagels as they were suitable for my dairy and lactose free diet. I kept my eye out for these but they were often sold out, a good sign I guess. Well, you’ve guessed it I finally got round to finding some and of course had to give them a try. They come in a light blue packaging with baking tools interested into the design. It also has a clear part in which you can see the bagels inside. Each bagel contains 224 calories, 1.5g of fat,4.6g of sugar and 0.7g of salt. They are labelled as being suitable for vegetarians and have no dairy or milk labelled in bold.

On taking them out of the bag I noted that they had slightly stuck together ,which was a little off putting. I took a bagel from the bag and noted no easy easy to cut or separate pieces to the bagel. So I just tried to cut it in half to toast it. The bagel cut realy well and didn’t crumble. However, it did spear to feel slightly doughy in texture. I placed the bagel into the toaster and toasted it for the 2 minutes as instructed. It browned just slightly to the outside and was nice and crisp on the inside without being too well done. It faired better than I expected. On bitting into the bagel I felt that there were three textures noted. The outside was slightly doughy with the inside being a little crispy initially and this was followerd by a light fluffy underneath. I really enjoyed the differing textures. In fact it was nicer than other bagels I have tried previously.
As for the flavour it was neutral and the only way I could describe it was pretty dimilar to eating a white loaf of bread. I views this as a good thing as you add what ever toppings or fillings you wished to make your perfect bagel. So if like me you follow a dairy or lactose free diet are vegetarian, or fancy a plain bagel why not give these bagels a try. They must be popular as they always appear to be sold out. So thank you Tesco’s for producing a nice bagel I can enjoy.

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